Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas brings so much joy

It's the Day after Christmas and the most amazing day of our lives! I had asked Alex if we could do something special for Christmas, just the two of us. His brilliant idea was to go up Big Cottonwood canyon to a place we went on our second date and carve our initials in a tree. I thought it would be a good time for us to spend alone. So we drive up there, and hike through the snow that was up to our thighs, to our spot. It had become a little overcast and snow flurries were beginning to float. The giant Christmas looking trees were covered in snow and it was so amazing... I mean it was the perfect time.

Alex carved and E and an A in the tree and then I had a card/letter that I had wanted to give Alex. When he got done reading it we decided to take off, cause it was FREEZING. Alex asked me to wait so he could put the card away, and then said he had a Christmas present for me. He wasn't supposed to buy me anything so I was very surprised. He pulled out a green velvet bag with a bow around the top and handed it to me. I untied the bow and reached inside. I pulled out the most amazing wooden box. Not thinking beyond the wooden box that it was, maybe Alex had just made it for me, he does stuff like that. I was really excited - it was gorgeous. THEN... Alex said my name and his eyes started to well up with tears..hmmm this doesn't seem normal. Then I knew something was up. And you guessed it folks, he got down on one knee and said that magic phrase... Will You Marry Me? OH MY GOODNESS I was already bawling at this point, I just hugged him and told him I loved him and to get out of the snow. He says I told him yes, but I don't even remember. So he opened the box and there was the ring. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. He put it on my finger and we hiked down.
It was the best Christmas we have ever had.
There were a lot of people to call and smiling and explaining our story yesterday and now we've finally gotten the time to tell it on our blog. We would like to thank Melissa and Mindy who brought us together and our families for their amazing support and joy for us.
We have chosen July 10th as our day to be sealed for all eternity in the Bountiful temple!

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Alex and I carved our first pumpkin a few days before Halloween. I was so grateful that he didn't make me scrape out the insides...ooh slimey

On Halloween Alex had his own 1990's toy-inspired carving, so I let him do it. Ok I helped a little but it was mostly him. After a lot of intense concentration and a moment of insanity when he thought the pumpkin was eatable, the pumpkin was done. Not to brag, but he did an amazing job. If you don't know what it is, remember, "It's more than meets the eye." hahaha We didn't dress up, but we took our pumpkin to the neighborhood trunk-or-treat and had a good time for a minute before it was too cold and we came home.
Rachel and PorSha carved the spider. My family's so talented.

Hockey - GOOOAL

Alex and I went with my family to a Grizzlies hockey game. They won in overtime, it was so intense. Alex won an official game puck. That's my guy! Our first hockey game; and definitely not our last. Afterword we all went to Macey's to pick out our FREE pumpkins!

Kickin up a few tricks

Sometimes we go to the skatepark on my days off and he doesn't have homework. Alex is a pretty good lil' skateboarder even though he doesn't give himself enough credit. Heck if you had a mowhawk like that how could you doubt anything? Geese not everyone can do whatever it is he does. I think it's a "kick-flip" He'll correct me if I'm wrong. I love watching Alex skateboard, I usually listen to my ipod so I have a "soundtrack" while he's doing his tricks. He's just so cute when he does it :)

New York, NEW YORK

Alex and I had the opportunity to go to New York with his mom this Oct. to visit his sister Adrienne. She's been working out there and I had never been. It's amazing how the culture can change so much from one end of the country to the next.

Our first morning in New Jersey I ate Oatmeal Squares cereal and it has become my new favorite ceral. We had a ride into the city by Alex's aunt becuase her husband was on business staying at the Waldorf-Astoria. This hotel was unbelieveable!! So of course we took a picture by his aunt's door. Can't you tell?

We accidentally took a train into Brooklyn and snapped this shot of the Brooklyn bridge. We saw a man snatching up a pigeon in a box and rode away with it on his bicycle...we have no idea what he planned to do with it.

Why would you want to do that to your dog?
It was a crazy time on the subways, but we eventually got the hang of it.

Taking a break from walking to drink a jamba juice was a good thing. Who knew it would be so humid there?

We had the last tickets to see Wicked and it turned out to be the best show I'd ever seen.

I must have Hard Rock blood because no matter where I go I seem to run into them. Right around the corner from Wicked was Hard Rock NYC!

Broadway, Times Square is so busy with people. Who knew every night was a weekend for everyone.

Stopping to pose at the famous Madison Square Garden while we waited for our train back to NJ

The Shake Shack is a MUST in NYC, so we heard. The line was over an hour wait. But for the shake I got, totally worth it.
I was the only one who heeded the promptings of the billboards...
Good thing I did my shack-cercise cause my shake was so DELICIOUS!! I don't think I could have handled it otherwise. Alex and his sister Adrienne had a hamburger. mm mm good

The second broadway play we got to see was Les Miserables. We decided to dress up a little more for this one. And then got in trouble for taking this picture. oops

Careful, no honking or you'll have a hefty fine to pay! $350, I wonder how they monitor that?...

We had the amazing opportunity to watch General Conference from inside the New York City temple.

Our last night in New York was well spent ;)

Summer Fun

Traditionally we go to the Weber State Homecoming game. Although this year it rained the whole time and Weber didn't do so well, it was fun because it's....TRADITION! Oh and the Chewy Runts - mmm mango and pineapple are our favorites. But shh, don't let it get out.

Alex and I sweated it out in the dust and hay to spend the day with family at the Utah State Fair in Sept.

State Fair stands for: Time to ride down the big yellow slide.

Bandy and Zigit had a great time at the Dance....

Where did the days go when we didn't have jobs or school to worry about?

We love summertime, and couldn't have been happier about our new wakeboards. So I'm not as good as Alex...and I may never be, but I love to watch him wakeboard.

Top of Snowbird. This funny couple offered to take our picture, after my first ever Gondola ride!