Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spring never Lasts long in Utah

At the end of March, I took a spontaneous, but hoped for road trip. We'd talked about a few days off that I had from work and needing to get out of town. Last minute, my BFFAE Amanda calls me up Tuesday night and says, "I can leave my store (she owns a Sport Clips) let's go for a drive!" 
We weren't sure where exactly we were going to go because we'd only have about 48 hours till she needed to be back home. So Wednesday morning we got in the car and headed south to warmer weather!
 We'd gotten advice from people on the way down, several of which said Arizona was where it was at. So although we drove right through Vegas and were tempted to stop, we pushed on through to AZ in like 13 hours. INSANE but the weather was perfect!
First night we headed to a Royals and Rangers game for spring training. I LOVE baseball, and was in heaven.
 After snagging a free hotel room (thanks to Norman's points) and a sweet breakfast and swimming, we headed to ANOTHER game! This time it was the LA Dodgers and Chicago White Sox... white is close to red, right? ;) Some day I'll see my Sox, in Fenway Park!
 Our travels took us later to Phoenix for a stop at a Hard Rock (OF COURSE)
After which we found a Starbucks for a vanilla bean and hoped we cold make it in time for one of the best adventures of this trip, (ridiculous how many awesome things we did in such a short time) GALAXY DINER! they used to have this restaurant here in Utah but about 10 years ago closed the last one, I was slightly devastated. Then Amanda's sister moved to Flagstaff AZ and on her drive down saw one!! So naturally we had to eat there. It was more than I ever could have dreamed of. I don't think I stopped smiling once. Bless our waiters heart for agreeing to make fry sauce, but not knowing how :)
 Thanks to Mari and Paul for letting us crash late, and leave early. We were home by 3pm Friday afternoon, it was a crazy 48 hours but so much fun!! You can come next time Alex ;)

Would you believe that after getting a sunburn in 88 degree weather in AZ, the next weekend I was snowboarding! Alex and I had gotten free passes from his aunt Rose Mary and hadn't had a weekend all winter to use them. What a better time, than the weekend before they expire.
 It was by far one of the most perfect days I have EVER been on a mountain. Not a cloud in sky + great snow + nice weather + patient coach = BEST DAY EVER
 What a view!! Makes your heart melt... thanks again!!
 When we got home, the Easter Bunny had come to visit! (our Easter Bunny comes the day before Easter Sunday) Alex got a little excited while hunting for his eggs and stopped to draw a picture
 It was so fun to watch him hunt for all of his eggs... that Easter bunny is tricky.
 What's inside?!?!
 the Easter Bunny left Alex a puzzle he had to put together of what couldn't fit inside an egg....
 It took me long enough to try and hold all 12 eggs in my arms for a picture... little did I know what Alex had planned to do with them. It was a great Easter, Thanks hunnie for being a good sport :)

My BFF is amazing and has the best luck. She won free tickets to a Jazz game. Now basketball is not a favorite sport and I would never choose to watch it on TV, but who would turn down a live sporting event of any kind? And we totally won in overtime, putting us in the play offs. Too bad we couldn't stay there, and lost the first round draft pick instead :(

Date Night took us window shopping at Ikea, such a fun, funky store. Then to the Pie after... Alex was in heaven with this pizza.

Moments in our life I think we often take for granted are those that happen so infrequently that we sometimes overlook their rarity and awesomeness... does that even make sense. Well I felt like the total eclipse, happening in Utah was one of those. I was so grateful to have my mom bring home some special glasses so we could all take a look.
 Then, wouldn't you know our luck. It was CLOUDY almost the whole time. We caught just a sliver at the tail end. But what an amazing event. Let us not take for granted anything that seems small or trivial, for we never know when it will be our last.

My brother and SIL from Virginia are in town!! Brooke and I had a girls night in Provo and she picked up some fantastic nail stickers. Aren't they such a fun design?! So easy to put on and surprisingly lasted for a while.
 The next day we took Grant to a little water fountain at the Riverwoods and just his luck, he was the only kid! He had so much fun it was ridiculous! We had a great time browsing and wishing we were kids again :)
We LOVE having them come home. A month, just isn't long enough.

So for some reason, as we've discussed before, Alex decided to grow his hair out back in October... Thanks for my BFF that could help keep his mane tame, he looked really good.
Then, one day he says, I think I'm ready to cut it.... I started thinking about how long my hair was (It's been growing for 3 years for a lack of what to do with it)
 Goooooooo Hair!! I should have been a cheerleader. Ridiculously LONG
 Alex's was too. Longest I'd ever seen it.
 With his long hair, we learned that there is a new condition going around for boys who wear their hair long and hanging over one of their eyes. It's causing a lazy eye! You can see why, they're not able to use it all day long. So a medical reason got Alex to trim his locks :( I was slightly sad to see them go, UNTIL.....
 I saw him when it was all done! (Thanks again Amanda!) There was my husband again! I mean he's hot no matter what, but there was that man I hadn't seen in what seemed like forever!  OOOh he looks so good. 
Can you guess which one he is?... ;)
That's right, I chopped it all off!! It felt so liberating. It wasn't exactly the length I'd wanted, quite a bit shorter then the asked for "shoulder-length" but one of the best mistakes ever. I love it. Headbands are my new favorite!
Along the same lines as fantastic changes/news, we are building a house!! It will be in Herriman and they begin ground breaking next week! We are ecstatic about it and look forward to having people over after the middle of September :) 
Come see us!