Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm blogging, can you believe it!?!?! I am amazed, inspired and depressed by how much other people blog and yet apparently I'm lucky if I make it once every 2 months.... sheesh. Who has the time these days?

Can you believe that excuse!? I have a husband who works and goes to school, till all hours of the night sometimes, continues to study and even has time to relax and watch an episode of the Soup or play a video game. Yet all I do is work, make dinner and feel achey. I know I could do better at this thing called life, but part of me just doesn't want to. I write in my journal, every so often, less than I should, and blogging feels like a journal. Lately I probably blog more than I write in my journal. I'd like to say it's easier, but at the same time, not so much. Although my hand definitely doesn't ache as much after I blog it's also not tangible. I write things in my journal I wouldn't want others to see, things I may or may not want to remember and move on from, or enjoy when I reread them.

Blogging is not really for myself it is a journal for others. I know there are not many who even follow this blog. Mostly those family members who live far away…. Some friends I don’t see frequently and bless your hearts for all caring what goes on in our lives.

To say it plainly, I’ve gotten lazy. Some days I enjoy being lazy. Other days I wish I could be like my mother-in-law who uses every minute of every day, and then some. Work is sucking my life away…. I need to change my attitude, I realize that. It’s hard in January, I hate this month, can I get some sunshine?….. Again, working on changing my attitude about that. In fact, I even started a list about the things I did like about January. First thing on the list “it’s almost over.”

For today this blog is more about getting my feelings off my chest…. it happens once in a while. A good release is healthy, right?

And an update, if that’s what you seek. I still work in the same office, Alex has the same job at America First, for now, and going to school at UVU. Sometimes life throws you curves and you complain about it. I’m not saying a curve up, or down, just a curve in general. I would welcome one of those right now. Just something different. Something to look forward to. Maybe a drive to California ;)

I’ll see you again after next Tuesday when it’s February J