Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Cleaning

The picture explains it all. I do laundry on my day off and I'm sure I'm not the only one to experience this but since I take my hangers to my parents in a bag, every once in a while they get so tangled up it feels like I'm playing that old game of pick-up-stix.

Alex and I had Wednesday off together and on our Spring Cleaning list was to rearrange our shoe rack. Which by SOME opinions seems to be filled with more of my shoes than his.... I'm a girl, and my shoe size hasn't changed since 8th grade.
So these are our shoes - Alex's are the top row and mine are the rest, minus THREE pairs of mine and ONE of Alex's that we'd decided to get rid of, and we had to fit them all back into our closet.... Our shoe rack started to lean and Alex's genius mind found a way to jimmy-rig a device to help it lean back upright. Well we've got to tweek it a little more before the final shot.
Surprisingly with our tiny space there are many more things on our list... when will it actually feel like spring?

Friday, April 10, 2009


A Time to Try New Things

Conference weekend was spent trying new things. Dad Hoffmann decided to hand over his carving knife and let Alex take a wack at carving his first turkey. We all thought he did a pretty good job.
I was surprised to see how well he did his first time.
Then I decided to try a new recipe. Alex had let me get a new dessert cook book and I found a combination both of us would love. Oatmeal chocolate chip Waffle cookies!! His favorite cookie and my favorite breakfast.
Who knows with things like this how they'll turn out, but they were a surprise hit.
With the waffle iron they had just the right crunch!

Now for some people Conference Weekend reminds them that Easter is close, but there's something else that helps me feel like it's Easter.
Would you guess anything else?... ;) Ok so really We get m&m's for pretty much every holiday. But Easter ones are some of my favorite.
I like these ones especially because they have pictures on them that cleverly incorporate the M in them - sheep, ducks and the peanut butter ones are speckled!! We have containers to put them in for every Holiday. You'd be surprised if you ever didn't see them on our coffee table.
Happy Easter

Green Thumb?

For FHE this week Alex and I decided to use the lesson of "Faith being like a little seed," and decided to see how green our thumbs can be. I had a bonsai kit and we put it to use.... the seeds are tiny, and you put it in a small bonsai soil and pot.
Alex decided to get some extra dirt from our patio to add to the pot and fill in the space (suggested by the directions) We're supposed to leave it outside facing north, however our apartment patio faces south. So we've put it in our bedroom window. Alex checks on it daily and waters it if necessary.
I'm pretty confident that we'll end up having fake plants in our house, or a bamboo cause they're the only things I can keep up with.
I'll definitely have to rely on faith for this little seed to spring forth anything. We'll keep you up-to-date on our little window garden.

Friday, April 3, 2009

If it can't be New York.... Let it be Vegas!

Alex's siblings were taking a trip to New York and since we couldn't go, we decided on the next best thing.... Las Vegas. Can you believe I've never been in an FAO Schwarz? It was amazing. They have almost everything. I say almost because as Jacob and Elaina informed us, we only get the big floor piano from the movie "BIG" if we go to the one in Seattle. But it was close they have a lot of stuff.
So as many of you know I am a HUGE classic coke memorabilia fan. The title is important because I don't actually drink Coke, or any carbinated drink for that matter (except the occasional Dr. Pepper) and distinguishing the difference is important. Well they have the Coca-Cola factory on the strip so we stopped by....
Red is not a number one favotire color on it's own, but when it's Coke - I dig it!!
Connected to Coca-Cola Factory is a world full of one of my FAVORITE candies!! M&M's World was another stop we had to make. We both really like peanut m&m's.
They have a movie you can watch about chocolate red loosing his "M" in Vegas.... it was an adjustment to see a 3D movie, but by the end it was pretty cheap entertainment for Free.

M&M sponsors a race team and they have a model car on the 4th floor.... all things m&m!!
So it may not have been New York, but we did get a glimpse of Paris. It took us a few shots to get this one right, this isn't the "right" one, but it's a funny one. Elaina and I wanted our picture in front of the Bellagio so while Jacob was trying to take our pic, Alex thought he'd try to move out of the way. ha ha good try Al, a little more to the right. :)

We walked so much on Friday that my Tivas gave me a blister on my heel. I've worn these shoes everywhere, but I guess it has been a while since we've had warm enough weather to wear them. Good thing I'd brought some flip flops to wear the next day. But Sunday it was gone! Thanks for the band aids!

I never miss a Hard Rock. It's usually just a hamburger, but for some reason I've become hooked. I've found everyone of them wherever I've gone and Las Vegas for the third time was no exception.

Saturday we used our amazing mapquest skills to find the Las Vegas temple. It was awesome. I've been to different temples in Utah, but every experience is the same but different. I just absolutely loved the weather.... something about Palm trees just makes you feel warm and happy, like you have to relax.

After the temple we used our same skills to find a Cici's Pizza. We had seen commercials for it and when we looked them up, found there were none in Utah. However, there are some in Vegas. So we made the stop and ate to our stomach's content. Alex thougth he'd try to show you how full he was, but I think it looks more like he's pregnant or something. It was ok and a pretty good deal for $5.
This is how excited we were to be driving home to Utah. Leaving 82 degree weather to come back to a snow storm.... What a bummer. Where will we go next? ...... As long as we plan is 6 months in advance it could be anywhere.