Sunday, March 21, 2010

Big Ben

Has moved to Denver, Colorado :(
We decided to celebrate his birthday a little early because he was leaving. His birthday isn't until June, and we'll actually be in Hawaii during that time but we couldn't wait.
My parents gave him a camera for his birthday and us sibilings decided to give him a bigger memory card and tripod since he'll be taking pics while he's there.
He was so surprised and it was WELL WORTH IT!!
Last Sunday we celebrated with the family, perfect timing with his girls there too. PorSha and Lexus are sad to see their daddy go, but he will try and make it back often.
He has gone to a better position within his company and will hopefully only be gone for a few years.This was the best family picture we could get.... dad just can't seem to keep his eyes open.
Ben actually used his tripod to take this picture. It was pretty cool. He wrapped it around the top of the chair and it stayed right in place.
My Big Brother Ben -
I love you for your quirkiness, I love you for your thoughtfulness, I love you for your smile.....
Even when it's covered in banana shake!!!
You are my big brother and I will miss you!!!!!
We love you!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's green, green GREEN!!!

So you HAVE to know that my favorite color is GREEN, naturally my favorite holiday would be St. Patrick's Day. It makes me so excited to see everyone's blogs about all the green they wore and the "not-so-appetizing" green-looking food they were eating, that naturally wasn't meant to be green.
My sister-in-law, Elaina brought me this cookie yesterday because she said she saw it and it made her think of me.... I LOVE sugar cookies. THANK YOU It started my St. Patrick's Day Eve off to a great start.Now of COURSE today I would be eating any and all GREEN. Our milk for cereal had a "touch" of green and a "green" lunch just wouldn't do, I had to make it an Irish Green lunch. Which meant POTATOES!!!
That's right, I had creamy potato soup in a bread bowl.....GREEN colored!! That kind of made it look like pistachio pudding, but it was so good. Alex came to visit me at work and have lunch, since it was his spring break. And my awesome husband did not let me down. He had full green on too.
I also had a few other green things - key lime yogurt. MMM I LOVE yogurt. The picture didn't show it's true green potential so I left it out.
Now, I don't know if everyone just got the hint that I like St. Patrick's Day, but we got more cookies and treats at work from other dental offices, than any other holiday, except Christmas. It was awesome! Green cupcakes, green shamrock cookies (not pictured), the most DELISH sugar cookies from QB (that's Quilted Bear for all you non-frequenters), and "pot of gold" sugar cookies. Again, it was AWESOME!
When I got home, Alex had a surprise for me. He often will shape our blankets (yes those are both our baby blankets - feel free to be jealous) into some kind of shape. Today, it was none other than a shamrock!! He ROCKS!! When picking pictures, I found one from last year of a shamrock he'd made then too. He's so creative and funny.
I was completely green from head to toe, literally. It was so much fun. Girls at my work said they struggled to find anything green. One girl only had hair elastics!!! How sad.... I had a PLETHORA of things in my closet to choose from. But I was definitely going to wear my Old Navy T - I will always "heart" St. Patrick's day, thanks for the shirt Hunnie.
So Alex's shirt says, "Would it Matter if I was Irish?" and the Back said, "Lucky Me" ..... It doesn't matter he's not Irish I'll kiss him anyway!!! :)
In case you doubted my St. Patrick's Day green dedication, I will fill you in, Head to Toe.
Green ribbon, green eye shadow, green shamrock earrings, green St. Patrick's Day shirt, green fingernails, green scrub pants, green shamrock socks, green toe nails, green shoes!! YES I have GREEN shoes!!!

To top it all off, Alex made GREEN waffles for dinner. I LOVE green and I LOVE waffles = PERFECT!!!
Thank you to everyone who remembers me on this holiday. Because if there's anything I can do, making people aware of this day and of the color green is my favorite!!


PS: Do you know how many times I said the word "green" in this post?

Well if you included EVERY time, it was 34 - sheesh I must like that color ;)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's coming...

Something big. It only comes once a year. It will arrive sooner for some than others.
And if you don't know what it is,
you deserve to get PINCHED!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Something you MAY not know...

Or you may.I am a HUGE Boston, Redsox fan!! and tomorrow starts their Spring training!
I'm not going to make any predicitons cause it doesn't matter to me if they win or not (of course it's always sweeter if they do.) I just LOVE watching baseball, favorite with......
I know, I know they're only 8th in their division right now, but I still love my boys.
Season ends in June, if they make it to the playoffs. If not, I've got baseball to keep me busy.

Let's make it a good season!