Sunday, February 26, 2012

Alex isn't home.... I can blog!

Alex is home teaching, so the computer is finally free for me to UPDATE!
This kid works so hard ALL the time, so I don't take up schoolwork time on the computer unless he's gone. He can even remotely access the computer from work and school, so even if he's not at the house physically, his computer is still off limits. 
For now, it's MINE ;)
Recently Alex and I watched a documentary on juicing.... now don't get all worried, we're not radicals. But we thought it would be interesting to try juicing some things we might not otherwise eat. For example, the first of February, we bought beets for the first time in either of our lives along with some Kale - also a first.
Juicing them turned out to be interesting.....
While we were at the store we decided to pick out Valentine's Day cards that we'd like to give each other, then put them back.... Frugal eh? This is what Alex gave me! If you know our first date history, this is SO TRUE!
 On Valentine's Day Alex had the biggest bag of Reese's pieces I've ever seen and a movie waiting for me when I woke up. I had made fortune cookies out of felt, with little "love fortunes" in them and hid them throughout his backpack, his car, and the lunch I packed for him with a love book. It was a fun way to be surprised, as well as the beautiful flowers my dad gives each girl. This baby rose bloomed beautifully!!
The end of February is my brother-in-law Ryan's birthday. Last year I made him a cake because of a conversation we had about putting peanut butter on Killer Chocolate cake. Right after I made that cake I saw this idea.... so I held onto it until his birthday came around this year!
Can you tell what it's going to be?....
 I'll give a hint, it's one of his FAVORITE sports to play.
 Hint #2 I learned how to pipe grass for it....
 Almost finished!
 It's a golf course!!!  I was so in love with this idea as soon as I saw it I knew I had to make it for him. I also learned how things like this seem much easier in a book than in reality. Totally worth it. I was so glad to see how much he liked it. However I don't think I can top this....
 Us Hoffmanns/Randalls/Martin girls threw my cousin Leah a baby shower Saturday. She's having a boy and her dad LOVES to ride Harley Davidson motorcycles. So I made a twist on the traditional diaper cake.....
Handle bars are a blanket Elaina made, the fender and seat are burp cloths, I made (from cloth diapers) with the traditional black and orange Harley colors.
 The rubber ducky serves as the headlight and "horn" It was so cute!! Thank you Alex for your amazing engineering skills to help me strap it all together. We welcome you Gunner with open arms and LOTS of diapers.
 Some of you may know or have noticed that Alex has been growing his hair out. Thank goodness my BFF, Amanda, owns her own Sport Clips and helps us figure out how to maintain ALL of his hair! As his hair cutter for the last 4 years, I can tell you, this guy has got a lot of beautifully thick hair.
 And the finished result......
Ok not really, I was combing through his hair after he'd worn a hat all day and it just kind of stayed like that.

Alex just returned from home teaching, guess I'll be done for now!
only 19 more days until St. Patrick's Day!!