Thursday, July 5, 2012

All work and LOTS of play

Before my parents left on their motorcycle trip, my dad was determined to change all the fascia, siding, rain gutters and clean all the sofitt. We had 2 weeks to get it done, and that is what we all spent our time doing. Almost every minute, of every day. 
 Thanks to Byron for letting us borrow the tools and tips to get it done!
It was awesome to see knowledge and experience passed down and around from neighbors to family. Alex is a very hard worker and learned a great work ethic from his parents. We were all grateful for so much help!
Good thing he had safety glasses on so he didn't get saw dust in his face.....
The finished product! I know I should have taken a before, but imagine everything that's white or "scottish thistle green" used to be brown. Time for a change in deed :) We finished 3 days ahead of schedule too. Dang those guys are good!
Seeing as how we're building our own house, we've actually learned a lot from the mistakes my parents contractor made while building their house. Even though some of them they didn't even know about until they decided to change them...... Scary! But we're confident we've got good builders and we go out there all the time to see progress and check things out.

Yesterday we had taken a trip out to see our house and on the way back got a good view of the Alpine fire. The smoke was just crazy.
What was even more amazing was to see the fire at night, when all the smoke wasn't in the way. It was just surreal. We hope and pray for everyone around the world who is suffering from the devastation these fires are causing. They are just out of control.
To celebrate our Independence day we had a Hoffmann family BBQ, with delicious homemade potato salad and homemade ice cream!! And of course, SPARKLERS!

Then we drove up the road to the peak right in front of the Oquirrh Mnt. Temple to watch the fireworks across the valley. Best spot in town.

Temple behind us - too bad for the people sitting on the grass, when the sprinklers came on! ;)
While watching the fireworks and the fire actually burning on the mountain, the moon decided to rise. Almost patriotic the way it looked so red. Then just kind of eery. 

We finished the night with a bang! 
It was a very good independence day with family and friends and we look forward to an equally successful 24th!