Friday, September 24, 2010

My how our Garden Grows

Labor Day weekend we took our boat out for the last run of the season... sadly it was our first and last :( We had been busy this summer and didn't get a chance until then. Jordanelle was a little on the chilly side in the morning.
Elaina was the first brave soul to jump in the water.... or rather ease her way in. We're still debating if it's better to just jump.The cold water didn't seem to affect her as she popped right out on her first try.
Then it was my turn to ease in....
The temperature really wasn't bad after you were used to it, but when you haven't done this all season you get exhausted quickly and I took a little break ;)
Jacob got to try out his kneeboard for the first time. As you can see he's a real water cowboy.
What's a good run if it doesn't end like this....And then of course our own little pro...
I really love watching him do his tricks.

All in all it was a very successful day. We had lots of fun, it warmed up nicely and I NEVER got my head wet!!

Now onto the Garden!!
These are some of the amazing flowers in our backyard and I just love how they've blossomed this year.
But what has really taken off are our PEPPERS! We feel pretty lucky that from seeds we have come up with this...
Our Anaheims are delicious and plentiful
And our bells have turned out better than we thought.
What Alex is really thrilled about are our jalapenos. We've had great success with them. Some more hot than others but all together we feel very lucky to go out back whenever we please to add something we've grown to our meal.
This Anaheim was cut up and added to our lunch this afternoon :)

Tonight was our Relief Society Friday Frenzy.
I chose a domestic art project and I actually feel very pleased at how it turned out. Not just because it's green but it's Halloween! I love October and everything about it. Fall, Oktoberfest, Halloween, General Conference, etc. I can't wait!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Take Me out to the Ball Game

Alex got tickets to a Bee's game through his work at the end of August.
We absolutely LOVE baseball in my family and go every year. This time however, Alex and I were waiting for the game to start and got asked to sing a promotional song out on the field...... AWKWARD but at least they got a picture this time. Alex has done it twice and we finally got proof.Ben was in town with his girlfriend Maria and we made it a whole family affair.
Even Taunya braved it with her tired arm... :(
Even though the Bee's didn't win, it was still a great game.
PorSha LOVED her blue snow cone. I loved it too, cause it turned our tongues blue.
The fireworks at the end were also amazing. Special treat that night.
The next big thing in August.... I now fit into the age category of 26-39. I actually ended up filling in that box on my birthday. Which was AWESOME, by the way.
Brooke and Josh sent a uniquely crafted card that inspires!
Rachel gave me a box full of craft/card making supplies. I LOVE it all. And I'm not telling anyone the code ;)
I also got this FANTASTIC, very appropriate card from Jim and Taunya. Not only did it include "authentic" chicken scratch but Jim then called and clucked his way through "Happy Birthday" a truly special moment to my day. Thank you!!!
And among other GREEN things I was given (thanks Jenny) Alex gave me a gift that made me cry..... a card! You'll notice there are fireman coats hanging up.... if you know my past you might see where this is going. The inside said, "Ok, they're ready. Light the candles"
We ALL laughed to tears.
He'd been saving this card since right after my last birthday and it was well worth it.
Dessert was something else. My mom had this idea. Dessert kabobs!
I'm not a huge cake fan but I LOVE brownies and what better to put it with than fruit.
Everyone got to put their own together.
And some even drizzled chocolate fudge over top.... are you drooling yet?
The last special treat of the day was our first anaheim pepper! It was so good. The best part, is being able to walk out the back door and pick something to go with dinner.
(today, Alex and I picked a jalapeno to eat with our lunch - perfect addition)
Thanks for all the birthday wishes it was a fantastic day. Finished off with Vanilla Bean, slow churned ice cream. Thanks bishop it was the perfect way to end the day.

Speaking of changes, today Alex decided to make a change. For unknown reasons, even to him, he's been growing his hair out. I've only trimmed it once since the first of June... but he wanted it cut! :) Secretly I was excited. I'd let him "do his thing" but was glad he asked me to cut it.

Half way through. It was a bit early for him...
Yeah, long enough

Good lookin! Wish I could shower and get ready in 10 min ;)
Summer's almost over.... I'm not ready to let it go yet. But it's really been a good one.