Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hot, hot, hot, food, food, food

This summer Alex and I have been trying our hand at gardening. Tomatoes are my parents specialty, we've been tending to the zucchini and our very own peppers!

2 years and counting! July 10th Alex and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary with FOOD!
Our first item of business was picking up some pictures from our wedding photographer she had been using for her demos and didn't need anymore. They were cool! and Free. Since we were up in Roy, why not stop at Big Ben's... actually it' s the Burger Bar but we gave it our own name. We love their food and it was so hot - perfect for ice cream.
Of course we had to have dinner that weekend eventually, and we love, love, LOVE Olive Gardens 5 cheese ziti. It was a no brainer.
They even came out with a new berry drink that was divine too.
Look at that cheese!
It wouldn't be Olive Garden without bread sticks and alfredo sauce!!

The middle of the month was filled with 24th of July and the RODEO! Our family loves the rodeo. Unfortunately none of the pictures would upload. You get to picture Alex and I in our country outfits... plaid shirt, belt buckle, cowboy boots and all!

Then it was off to Camper World where we got to use our tent.
We love our tent not only for how many it can sleep, and all the cool features but mostly we could all stand up inside.
The evening's treat was roasted starbursts. Our personal favorite, smokin when you first put them on.

Nice n' bubbly when they're ready
Good thing it was warm outside - we all forgot our jackets.
The next day of course there were plenty of activities - traditional horseshoes.

Knitting - mom's getting all ready for winter.
And my cousin's cute little 11 month old was giving foot massages!
By the time we'd packed it all up and headed home we were so hot from being outside and ready for some AC.
Summer's going great! Too fast, but great. We can't wait to pack more into it and have more memories.
Enjoy the heat and the FOOD!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Aloha Ohana!

We had the awesome opportunity to take an 11 day trip a few weeks ago, with my family, to HAWAII!
I unfortunately got a sinus infection the day we left - so flying was not so much fun but that was the only frown the whole time.Our first afternoon was the Waimea waterfalls
While the boys went golfing on the beach.
The next morning started with a smaller flight - my first helicopter!
Hawaii's Grand Canyon
James Bond's archway
Before we knew it, we were on another island and hit the beach
Some hit it a little too hard ;)
and some just took it easy

We got to see and experience so many amazing things
USS Bowfin
USS Arizona Memorial
USS Missouri
the bullets it shoots
Sunsets and sunrises
Laie temple
Polynesian Cultural Center
Easter Island
Luau - pineapple and poi

Punchbowl Cemetery - we found Alex's uncle Edward Martin
I ridiculously LOVE pineapple. So the Dole plantation was perfect! and their pineapple with Li Hing it was so much better. I had to bring some back with me :)
Then I won a raffle to pick my very own oyster and see what was inside....
My very first pearl and it's BLACK! Could that be more perfect.
Alex - performing the sleeping test. He was such a trooper and so was Grant!
Parasailing was SOOOO peaceful
Nice landing
Of course I find them.
Our last night in Oahu we threw our leis into the ocean as tradition and our hopes to return.
Edgar brought us fresh mango the morning we left his house. DELISH
Hilo's burgers are fabulous

Volcano National Park
Lava tube

The fuming crater
Volcano at night
I don't like nuts in things... this place changed my WORLD!
Hilo is BEAUTIFUL and so surprising
One of my FAVORITE surprises was the black sand beach - it's BLACK

You'd know we were sisters.... if I wasn't so white. I promise I did have a tan

Snorkeling for the first time - can you say cheese?
It was windy on the drive back
Pride of Maui
Cool Cats not only had good food, but their live music was a riot
There's Britain in my blood
Maui has one too!
This is for you Bubba
The whole family - Baby G was a trooper
My parents are truly the cutest and the BEST!! Thank you, thank you!!
The ride home was much better - especially considering it was a red eye and had a descent movie.
I couldn't believe I got all my luggage home. Like my dad said, who could mistake that for their own.

I still can't believe it's over. It was AMAZING!!! We had so much fun and can't believe we got to experience everything we did. It was the best and can't wait to go back. Until then, where will our adventures take us.......