Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let the Good Times Roll

We had some fun before we moved.
So in case people don't know, we've moved into a house!!! No it's not our own house, it's my parents basement and we've been getting ready for a while but took Memorial weekend off - kind of, to have some fun. We always went camping to Camperworld when I was younger but without a trailer of our own now, my family usually just goes up for a day during the weekend. It happened to be a great day on Sunday and my dad decided to take his new pride and joy for a ride and my mom agreed to go along! Can you believe it?
Don't let that fool you, she used to ride on the back of my dad's hog all the time "before you kids came along..." haha we all know what that means. "Us kids" are somehow responsible for parents restraining their wild sides until....
we are old enough to join them! (Jacob & Elaina)
And while Alex and I don't own a motorcycle of any kind, we couldn't be left out of the photo shoot :)
It is well known that we all learned the game of horseshoes from Camperworld. Which we all secretly love, but aren't quite sure if we're good at it yet.

My dad took on Alex and Jacob by himself and after a ringer that put him over the max point, dropping him back to 11 he STILL WON! I love my dad throwing a horseshoe.
He's a pretty good shot too.
Even Alex is getting the hang of this game.... for a newbie he's not too bad ;)
Once the game is over they just can't resist a few "extra" shots. Alex's came from behind is back and Jb had a sweet spin-action to his.

Then Alex started getting really creative with them.... Not sure what that's about but I'll accept creative expression. I have never seen one of these signs before, therefore it warrants a picture :)
It was a fun day camping and we even got a little sun. Too bad it wasn't on a Saturday so we could stop at Park City on the way back..... another day.

After that weekend we had a big job ahead of us.... MOVING. Officially we packed up everything and got it all finished up Friday morning in an hour and a half!! Can you believe it?!
Thanks mom, dad, Jb for all your muscles and Dad Martin for letting us use your truck so much - minus the goose.

and now, after all that hard work .... we CELEBRATE!!! We are off to Hawaii in 6 1/2 hours and I couldn't be more excited about waking up at 4:00 in the morning!!
The next time I blog I should have a few pictures of a beach or something exotic to share :)