Friday, May 29, 2009

In Memorium

Well, as some of you may remember a while ago Alex and I decided to try our hand at "inside gardening" by growing our own Bonsai. We'd heard in order to know if you're ready for kids, first grow and keep alive a plant, then move on to an animal and if you can successfully keep those in good shape you're ready. Well..... after much nourishment and encouragement - when we remembered, and the occasional wattering - our bonsai never even came out of the dirt and we ended up throwing it away. So if that says anything about us having kids, it'll be a LONG time before we tackle that challenge ;)

It was fun while witlasted, but maybe our next plant shouldn't be kept on a windowsill that we often forget about.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Chaos Organized

As a hygienist I wear my hair up every day. So yes I have a plethora of hair ties and as I held all of them in my hand, I was so glad that Adrienne gave me the best thing EVER!!!No longer do I have to search and untangle the mess!! Being this organized actually brings a smile to my face every day when I open my bag of hair ties :)THANK YOU ADRIENNE!!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


So remember that new years resolution list, well... it was race day today and it was AWESOME!! It was such a beautiful morning, perfect for a run. Elaina and I were 2 of 18,000 people; that's right I said 18 THOUSAND! It's amazing Alex and Jacob even found us in the sea of people. Good thing we wore those pink shirts to stand out. Just after the 2 mile mark, we were still running strong.We finished the race of 3.1 miles in 35 minutes!! Our best time yet. I think those people exude so much energy around you that you just can't help trying your best. This picture was just after Elaina and I had crossed the finish line.
Of course they have refreshments of water, apples and bananas. I definitely needed to refuel after my early morning oatmeal. A banana has never tasted so rewarding :)
Elaina and I had trained so much, this was one of the most satisfying experiences. I didn't know you could get emotional about running but it was more than that. It was proving to myself that I cold do it, accomplishing something I told myself I was going to do, and realizing that I can do more. Thats right, I said MORE! Elaina and I have discussed running a 10K as our next goal, hoping to get to a half marathon by the end of the year.... Maybe that was just the adrenaline talking after the race. We'll see how our minds and bodies feel tomorrow ;)
We chose this race to run not just for ourselves but for family. My mom's two sisters have had a type of breast cancer and we ran this race for them. So Elaina and I made shirts in their honor. They say "4 the Randall Ladies U R my inspiration" I think that made it a little easier to push myself, it was for them.
Thank you ELAINA for being my motivation and my support, you are the constant companion that helps push me to do better than I think I can. I look forward to many more runs together. Thank you ALEX for cooking dinner for me and waiting for dinner to be made while I was running and for being there at the finish line! Thank you mom and dad HOFFMANN for your excitement and thoughtfulness while I ran today. Thank you mom and dad MARTIN for your encouragement and appreciation of all the hard work. Thank you JENNY for your words of inspiration and understanding of how big of an accomplishment this small race was and thank you to the other Martin sisters, RAYNE & ADRIENNE who have also inspired me to run this race as well as try for something bigger!
I LOVE YOU ALL and appreciate, in thoughts only expressed by tears of gratitude, all that you mean to me!!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Sometimes the biggest events for us throughout the week are during FHE and this week is no exception. We decided as part of our lesson and activity to put together a puzzle. Sometimes puzzles aren't completed in one sitting.... we again, were no exception, but here's our journey which we've associated as to being a lot like the journey of life.

And the reward at the end... I had made skookies for dessert. THANKS MAMMA MARTIN!! We absolutely love skookies. I've found new recipes and we love trying them. Our current favorite is the chocolate with chocolate chunks and peanut butter chips. Warm right out of the oven this is perfectly topped off with vanilla ice cream!

Look at that face.... pure bliss