Saturday, March 15, 2008

Love is in the Air

2 blogs in one night? I know but it's been a while and this is how we procrastinators get things done.
Valentine's Day was a while ago but the memories will live on forever... Alex surprised me that morning before he left for school with a beautiful rose and a new bottle of one of my favorite calognes, for him, but really for me! And a little lamb... I can't really explain that one. It was the best way to start my day. He's such a cutie!!
So my brother's wife and I decided to have a V-Day Fiesta Surprise for the boys. We invited our hunnies over and made them enchiladas with chips and salsa. Had the place decorated for a Fun Fiesta in the kitchen with our cute little pinata decoration... how it escaped without a picture I'm not sure, but it was filled with lots of fun for later.
After dinner we moved into the living room, decorated appropriately for Valentine's Day, where Alex and Jacob both got their turn to hit the bull, but not until they ripped it apart did they find what was inside... Maracas, new years horns, kazoos and one of the best hits of the night, Whoopie cushions! I knew that 17 cents would be worth a laugh or two.
We had so much fun it was ridiculous. My brother Jacob had so much fun he popped his whoopie :( We made pina coladas and played Imagine If... to end the night. It was a lot of fun
Every day feels like a Valentine's Day because we love each other so much. We can't believe we are so lucky as to get to spend the rest of our lives with each other.

Back to work

Sunrise from my Balcony...
I've had the last week off... boss gone to... well I'm not quite sure this time. But since it's been a while I thought I'd fill ya'll in. The end of January my boss paid for my certification of the EZLase, which is a really cool machine for perio, but only hygienists will understand. However the class was in SAN DIEGO for the weekend. So while I left to warmer climates ya'll enjoyed the snow. By the time I got there they had to upgrade our rooms for free - darn it. So I got a King suite with a partial view of the ocean. NICE. I had class mostly all day Fri. and Sat. but still with plenty of time to call family and friends, and took my test Sat. afternoon. Passed with flying colors, I had the rest of the day to wander around and take pictures. There were over 1200 dental personel attending this World Clinical Laser Institute, from over 25 different countries. It was a really neat experience and ... I got to check another Hard Rock off my list! The hotel I stayed at was The Hotel Del Coronado. If any of you have heard of this place you know how amazing and famous it is. If you haven't you should definitely check it out.
Sunset on the beach. Only part of the hotel in the background.

This was my free King upgrade. What you can't see is my balcony, hide-a-bed couch and coffee table and desk. Then there's the pic of palm trees and only one of their 3 pools.

The beach after our catered beach party the night before

It may have rained a little my last morning, but the beach couldn't have looked any more amazing.

This was just Sunday brunch. My hotel room bill came to over $1,000 for just 3 nights. And that wasn't for the free upgrade. Good thing my boss was taking care of the bill.

Hard Rock San Diego...I can find them anywhere!
Needless to say the trip was ok, I was in class and when I wasn't I was there alone. But it was an experience well worth it. I would definitely recomend this hotel.... only if your wallet can handle it.