Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What's in a Year?

Too much to blog about that's for sure. But for those who couldn't make it out to our little girls' first birthday... here's me, braving the blog thing while they're supposed to be napping. These days the afternoon nap isn't so popular. But all of the fun just couldn't be showcased in Instagram posts so here goes. With not much about it other than I can't believe we survived! We have two one year old little miracles and this party was as much for them as it was for me/us to celebrate what a year we have had. The ups and downs and everything in between, it just keeps getting better.
Everyone knows I have a slight interest in the color green, but didn't want a tacky March, St. Patrick's birthday party. So I had one brilliant idea.... the Emerald City from one of the  most brilliant Broadway musicals Wicked. With that said, here goes the photo overload.
       We began the morning with our last weekly picture 52! Shows their personalities for sure!

Then we had fun birthday outfits from Aunt Brooke - matching with our triplet cousin Ellory. And traditional Bean bags for a first birthday. The girls love them!

Time for a party! 
Follow the yellow brick road full of flowers
 To the Emerald CIty

We had a guessing game to determine each babe's height and weight, and picked up a green necklace - some guesses were surprisingly right on!

 These amazing cakes were made by my cousin Tyne. We couldn't thank her enough. They were such a fun detail to display.
The yellow brick road
 To see the Wizard
Tissue paper pom poms

We had a table set up with notebooks for each girl that everyone made them a special birthday wish to the Wizard for them. I think we'll add a birthday wish every year and give it to them when they're 18.

 Birthday Girl!
 Birthday girl and her second cousin... so much love that day.
  My sister Rachel and I took the time to paint the girls toenails. So hard, but so worth it!
 LOTS of green snacks. Tons of green veggies, salads, Fruit in the shape of the yellow brick road to the Emerald City, ie grapes and strawberries for the flowers, pineapple for the road and grapes, apples and pears for the city, and green desserts!
 So blessed to have so much family to celebrate with us.

Our first Dr. Seuss books! Our girls love books.
 They got such cute, wonderfully thoughtful gifts from their cousins. Perfect for what the girls love and need. Thank you!
 And we are ready for summer with these ridiculously adorable bathing suits
 And thank you for the Pigs on National Pig day Grandma Jo. 
 After gifts and food it was time for CAKE!
Uncle Ben braved helping Penny to her cake, then took a step back.
 Charlotte seemed willing to check it out.
 Penny didn't really like the idea.
 Even after I tried giving her a taste of the frosting. Wasn't having anything to do with it.
 But the benefit of a twin.... TWO CAKES. Charlotte had her pick, literally of whichever one she wanted.
 Daddy's version of helping her eat her cake.
 Thank you for coming to our party. Whether in person, or online.
 The saying is from Wicked, but with two sisters we changed it a little.
"Because we knew you, we have been changed for good."
 (Thank you Jenny for all the pics, we wouldn't have such amazing shots! You were so thoughtful and they turned out fabulous! - It seems like you've done this once or twice ;)
 For their birthday our good friend Mindy came to take pics of the girls. 
The laptop was a perfect fit for Charlotte and her love of technology.

 Making daddy proud
 My sweet Penny!

 I can't believe how much these girls have grown and we love watching their personalities each and every day. And they are so different, yet so much alike.

 The birthday girls

 We are so blessed to have these little girls in our family and such great extended family to support us every day. We couldn't have done it without you all. We love our babes and love you all! Thanks for such a great day and a great year. We look forward to many more.