Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Yesterday was one of my favorite days!!!!
Of course it started off with mom's famous donuts (my favorite's the holes)
Getting ready for the fryer.....
 Frosting prep station
 Ready for the feast!
My other favorite part of Halloween is, DRESSING UP!
Our whole office dressed up in the 80's. We even had our front office in "mom jeans" it was fantastic (how'd Sarah get her hair to stay like that?)

 Halloween night Rachel brought her two dogs over, in matching outfits. A ref, football player (Zeus) and a football (Thor) it was Stellar!
 But the best costume goes to my brother Ben. He dressed up as..... DAD!! I literally thought it was my dad when I came home from work and saw him from behind. He not only had his clothes on, but had his mannerisms down pat. Ben took his kids trick-or-treating in our neighborhood and all the neighbors got a kick out of his costume. Perfection.
Martin's rockin' out.... or putting?
 Jacob carved this pumpkin.... and although it wasn't in black and white, it looked a little more like Jack, the Pumpkin King, this way......
And I couldn't showcase his work of art in the dark, so here it is all lit up.
I can't mention October without our amazing Martin family vacation to St. George!
We stopped on our way down for some squeaky cheese
Ahh, red mountains speak to my soul

..... and they say, YAY!!
 Jenny!!!! Nice canyon
 R-Dawg's pretty serious about his rock climbing
 I have never seen Alex do this before, but he ran and jumped in the air like he had total control, then flipped and landed in the sand.... I love him!
 Wonder where he got that from?......
 Alex and I took a walk the last morning we were in Sunny St. George, and I longed to make it last forever
 I thought this was a dragon's neck when I first saw this picture.... then I realized Alex had taken a picture of a plant. He's so creative. Thank you Papa Bear and Mamma T for sharing with us some amazing family time, and thanks to Ade for flying all the way out to show me how to do a "jumping picture" it's a new favorite talent :)
 Overall, it's been a pretty great month. Sad to see it go, not believing it's already NOVEMBER. 
We only have 2 months on this calendar year... isn't it great we get to end each year with some of the best holidays? FANTASTICO