Friday, November 5, 2010


It's Halloween.... or it was Halloween. Our computer's been struggling lately so this is the first chance I've had to show you all about it.  

Friday night we had a pumpkin carving contest with some friends. I'm not exactly sure what Alex's design was, but I know it was a character from a video game. Any guesses?

I decided to go for a traditional classic. Although I don't have an ultimate favorite, Tinkerbell is definitely in the running ;) 

Then it was Saturday. Not officially Halloween, but my mom always makes donuts the Saturday before... which for Halloween in Utah on a Sunday, actually means it's on a Saturday!

One of my FAVORITE parts, is the DONUT HOLES

For Alex's work, they all dressed up as "Rock Stars" This was his impression of one

I love donut holes either with frosting, or plain sugar.... don't they just make your mouth water!

That night, Alex and I were invited to a Murder Mystery night. His character was Count Dracula and I was Little Red Riding Hood. It was so much fun. Everyone really got into their parts.

We were all there for the funeral of Jasmine..... low and behold Sherlock would reveal that she was MURDERED at the hand of someone at her funeral!

Our friends Mandi and Ashley who put everything together did an AMAZING JOB!!
They were so creative, right down to every detail. They made everything from scratch too. 
These were our chips, baked tortillas, cut out in Halloween shapes

Scary bubbling green Cider 

Which filled our skeletal goblets perfectly

They even got morgue toe tags for our drink labels, so we wouldn't forget who's poisonous drink was whose.

The food was so good and the entire place was decorated like a scene from an actual "Scary Tale"

In the end, we had so much fun and we all came out of it alive. Although our friend Adam, ended up being the murderer.
Alex aka The Count & Me aka Red Riding Hood; 
Adam aka Long John Silver & Mandi aka Juliet;
Ashley aka Alice & Joe aka Mad Hatter all from Wonderland

It's been fun to see how everyone celebrates Halloween.
However you do it, make sure it's ghoulishly DELICIOUS!