Saturday, September 27, 2008

Do Dr.'s make house calls?...

To begin my story I must start back in October of last year. Alex was having a crown placed by a new dentist and afterword said it hurt a little. Like he could feel it when he was biting down. So not until Feb. of this year did he get back in to have the Dr. adjust it. He said it resolved the problem and this seemed to be the resolution we were looking for. HOWEVER a little while later he said the pain had returned. At the encouragement of his fiance' to return to the Dr. while he was still on his parents insurance was not heeded as the problem then did not seem to be that big of a deal. AFTER our marriage and after he was then off his parents insurance the pain began to increase. On a Monday afternoon he was explaining the the pain had increased to his whole right side of his jaw. He made an appointment for that Wed. morning with his Dr. to have it checked. Fearing root canal treatment, we discussed getting a second opinion. So I talked to my boss about our situation. Without insurance I wanted to be sure this is what he needed. So he said I could bring him in and he'd take a look. Well Tuesday at work Alex said the pain had more than increased. Neither Tylenol or Ibuprofen were working. He couldn't chew on that side and we were afraid of what might happen. But knowing that things would be ok, we went ahead with our plan to see Dr. C in the morning. At 2:30 that morning Alex awoke with pain so intense he couldn't sleep. We were both worried and didn't know what to do. I even thought about calling our parents, but decided that we were adults and should be taking care of it on our own. What were we going to do? So as silly as it sounded and not knowing what else I could do for my husband I asked if I could say a prayer. As we both lay there in tears I prayed to our Heavenly Father, for what I wasn't quite sure, but whatever he could do for us. Peace, comfort and for the night to pass quickly. Worried about him and knowing I would have to get up in 3 hours for work I was scared. As soon as the prayer was over he said it didn't hurt anymore. I told him not to just say that to make me feel better but he told me it truly didn't. He layed on the couch to watch tv so he could keep his mind off of it and before we knew it, it was time to get up. I took him to work with me and had one of the assistants take an x-ray to have the Dr. assess. Sure enough RCT, luckily enough Alex didn't have to be to work until 11 and weird, the Dr.'s sched. was for 3 post op checks which were done in half an hour. Lucky? More like divine intervention. Dr. began the root canal and without any discomfort they were done in about an hour and a half. Alex did not have any pain the rest of the day or the next. There was no need for even one Tylenol! Even the Dr. was surprised.
We were blessed to get the employee family discount, and have Dr. C do the RCT instead of being referred to a specialist, because without insurance we saved about $800 and he already had a crown on the tooth, so there was no need to have one of those palced. But the real moral of the story is, when your wife asks you to do something, she's probably inspired and you should do it ;) haha just kidding. Really we were very blessed by this experience and it brought us closer together and to Him. We are grateful for the trials we have and the growth we receive because of them.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another year older, another year loved!!

My birthday was a few weeks ago now, but I finally have a second to tell you all about it! Alex had planned the whole night full of surprises. He got off work early to surprise me when I came home from doing laundry, I had the biggest boquet of sunflowers I've ever seen. The pic's a little blurry but you get the idea, they were huge! Then he took me to our FAVORITE restaurant Cafe Rio mmm mmm DELICIOUS :) I was so full after, I always eat too much. But it was my birthday.
This is the tooth I always get food stuck between. Then he took me to the top of Snowbird, on the tram. This was our first real date a year ago... I don't remember it being as chilly as it was that day. Good thing we'd brought the blanket. On our way down we stopped at Snoasis and had one of our favorite summer treats. Tiger's Blood and cream snow cone. You haven't had a snow cone, till you've had one from Snoasis.
To finish the night we ended with Guitar Hero and Cliffs of Dover. It was a spectacular birthday and I owe it all to my hunnie!! LOVE YOU