Friday, July 22, 2011

Perfect Treat

When something's frustrating, what should you do?....
Have a cupcake!
I haven't been able to blog any pictures for a while because I don't understand computers. Whenever I blog pictures they come out HUGE and until I figure this out.... (I, meaning Alex) my blogs will only be decorated by interesting words :)
And so I have chosen a picture from a while back. A trip to Virginia I never blogged about.
These were the best cupcakes from a cute place called Two Sweet. They were DIVINE!!
We had so many cupcakes on that trip, a plethora to complete our taste test and we tried them all until the very last minute on the very last day of our vacation.
It was such a wonderful trip. I LOVE Virginia. When Alex asked if I would be willing to move there, I wouldn't hesitate... if we could move our families there too. ;)
Life is such an adventure with a very long yellow brick road stretched out in front of us. Although patience isn't my strong suit. I am excited to see where our story takes us.
I do love that I know no matter what, even if I don't have red shiny shoes to click. I always have a place to come home to.