Thursday, October 6, 2011


One of my best friends from high school recently had her second little boy!! I was so excited to see baby Jackson, and for little Karl to be a big brother, so I decided to make them something their "hunting" dad would be proud of :)
I decided to make them neckties.... SUPER EASY
  The pattern was found online by my SIL Elaina and it couldn't have been easier.
Big brother tie for Karl, and baby tie for Jackson
Finished ties!! The strap around the neck is actually a bra strap! (Thanks for the idea Brooke) $3 for an old bra at Ross which makes them $1.50 a strap with clasp and adjustable strap, can't beat that! I improvised the pattern a bit to make the strip on the back side of the tie for the smaller end to fit in. Works perfectly! 
These ties are adjustable too they can be folded shorter or longer depending on their torso as they grow
 I was so excited to make these ties and LOVED the finished product, but I was even more excited to give them to Melissa and her boys. I couldn't have been happier when Karl wanted to put his camo tie on, and couldn't take it off. He loved it too :) .... he just happened to be wearing camo shorts that day too