Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oktober celebrates!

I am not one to take pictures of myself for a blog post. In fact I had, without realistic thought, decided I was not going to take pictures of myself every week as I "progressed" (nice word for GET HUGE) because why would I want to remember that? Well, as I got to week 19, pictured below, I realized I had hit a halfway mark for twins anyway and felt like I should probably at least have one picture to show where I "started" from.
Little did I know I would regret having not started this simple, yet easily forgotten task, since the very beginning - I mean look how huge I was at only 19 weeks!! Where did that baby bump come from? As my boss said to me 2 days ago, "You seem to have 'blossomed' over a weekend!" Yeah, he's a guy ;)
And so here it starts. Do not expect more posts with pics like this, but maybe every once in a while, for a shock factor.
At week 19 we had our first visit with the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist, for an extensive ultrasound (45 min long) to check on our little ones. We had decided not to find out what the genders were at that time as we would find out with all of our family. Later that week, at a party at our house.
We were so excited to find out what the babies were, FINALLY!! I was also delighted to find a childhood toy of Alex's in his room when we were moving. The wooden cannon in the middle of the mantle has become one of my favorite things!! I LOVE "vintage" toys. They just don't make them like that anymore!

We had a table with name suggestions with some very creative ideas, and pink bows or black mustaches for everyone to wear to proudly display what they thought the little ones were going to be.
Our nieces Dru and Rylie were definitely sporting the mustaches very "lady-like" :)

 We had all of our family come to the house (that lives in the state of course) it was SO MUCH FUN!! We have a house to have people come over to!!
 It is moments like this when you realize your mind was so "out-of-it" that you didn't take hardly any pics. I was so sad we didn't get pictures of each group of people once they had cast their vote. But I can tell you the majority was for Boy/Girl. Very few for Boy/Boy or Girl/Girl. 
We were grateful for the support of our family and friends who loves us and our babies already, so much, to come enjoy this day and make it more special than we could have imagined. We even had my brother and SIL - Josh and Brooke on Skype, as well as Alex's sister Adrienne on Facetime so we could all be present. It was RIDICULOUSLY perfect!! Some people really got into the excitement ;) We LOVED it!

When we were at the Dr. getting the ultrasound, we'd had them place the results of the genders into an envelope, which I then dropped off to a coworker who put the appropriate colored confetti into each balloon. When popped these balloons, the color would reveal to all of us at the same time, the genders. So of course, until reveal time, this room was off limits. We were slightly tempted to take a peek before everyone got there, but the joy of finding out all together won out in the end. 

 It was so fun to have everyone participate with us in finding out this awesome news. We'd also brought them over to say a HUGE thank you for helping us these last few months with packing, moving, support, encouragement, etc. We couldn't have done it without everyone of our family and friends!
We played a little game of sorts before popping the balloons. Old Wives Tales questions to help us determine what the genders might be. Out of 30 questions it was Girls -17, Boys - 13. So what will it be...... 

 The old wives tales are TRUE!!!!! We thought because they were so close, maybe it was one of each, but it turns out TWO GIRLS!!
We are ecstatic!! Of course we would have been no matter what, but we finally know!! I can't believe I would say this, but bring on the PINK... and green ;)
It was such a fun day, thank you again, to everyone to helped make it such!

The next week Alex took on his "daddy" roles and mowed our lawn. For the first and only time this year. It was a milestone of sorts... so we documented it.

Next came Halloween. It was such nice weather here, I wish it cold always be like this. Alex and I struggled for what to wear for Halloween... should we even dress up? It's harder for me to wear a costume with work, unless it's easy to move in, which not much is "easy" to move around in these days. So in the end, I didn't really "dress up" more just supported the excitement of Halloween, because I love it so much!
Alex however has a costume contest at work every year. Last year was a last minute (morning of) decision which was descent, but this year he was totally lost. Until I asked him to bring up a Halloween tote from the basement. He came upstairs with such a grin on his face it was ridiculous... this was his costume >>>>
If you can't figure out who these guys are, where did you spend your childhood? ;) Really though, I had the Luigi costume from a Halloween family reunion about 2-3 years ago when my sister and I had gone as Mario and Luigi. Alex's coworker Matt had said he was going as Mario with Yoshi and Alex should be Luigi... they took it to a whole other level than my sister and I ever did. Yes that is the coin box suspended above his head with an extra life mushroom. I can't believe he fit into the Youth sized costume, let alone wore it all day. I was so proud of him and Matt for their creativity, and so were their coworkers who voted them 1st place in the contest!!

I'm pretty excited about Halloween. I love people's creativity, guess I should have put a little more thought into it. We didn't even carve pumpkins this year :( where has my mind gone, and will I ever get it back?
 Amazing example of creativity. My niece PorSha wanted to be a nerd for Halloween. When she showed up at my parents house, she blew me away with what she had come up with. I had no idea her vision was so inspired! 
She made everything, with some glue gun help from mom and her sister, but how cute is this Nerd?!!?

Wouldn't you know a week later we had our first snow!!... Utah weather is extreme to extreme. It didn't last long, as you can tell the snow was already melted off of our driveway (again, the purpose of a West facing driveway) even though we didn't get as much as Alex's parents, it still made it fun to see our house with a nice white blanket.
 That night we stayed in to put a much needed desk together for Alex's office. Everything in front and behind him needed a home.... hence the wicked long desk.
 He's so handy! - yeah, Alex had his head shaved for my BFF who owns a Sport Clips. She needed volunteers so her girls to learn design technique for cutting guys hair. He's a good sport, sportin' his TRON design! It is slowly growing out.
 and Voila, there it is. I LOVE organization :) Some how it just makes my heart so happy! (yes I'm on pinterest in this pic) Where do you think we came up with all the ideas for our gender reveal party... And Thanksgiving is coming up ;)
Our home is slowly coming together, and by then we'll have to change it all up to  make room for the babes. Eventually we'll get some pics up, decorations around, and it'll feel more like my home.