Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bored Anyone?

So Alex has an imagination and if you give him the time to express it, you might be suprised to see what can happen.... Pretending not to like my pink headband.... I think he secretly wears them when I'm not around. It's the main reason he likes to grow his hair out ;) OR carving initials into my failing fingernail polish with the ink tube from inside a pen, during Sacrament meeting.

No matter what it is, at least we're not bored for long in our house. Thanks for the good times Al!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

Don't be scared it's just Alex and I. I'm not quite sure what he was, and don't say "Joe Dirt"but I think he was excited to wear the mullet wig. He was so cute with that moustache...not fun to kiss that thing though. Good thing he doesn't really grow facial hair. I on the other hand was a "Team Edward" vampire . . . didn't really have a name just wanted to support my Twilight. :)
My special pumpkin lit up our living room the whole month. I was so proud of his green smile. Alex was a little frightened by my Ghost cookies... BOO!!
Jacob and Elaina had relaxed by the time we started playing guitar hero, but could still rock it out. Mmm mmm good, I like me some... white trash? Alex special made my vampire teeth. The ones we bought were made with only 3 front teeth, well that just wasn't going to work, so he fixed it.
I'm not quite sure what they were trying to do, but Jacob looks like the headless ghost from Harry Potter... good costume improv Jb!! Halloween wasn't complete without Chili and cornbread mm mm good. It's all about the tradition. We hope your Halloween was ghoul-tastic and you scared to your heart's contempt.