Monday, April 29, 2013

Double the pleasure, Double the fun, Double the MIRACLES instead of One

Can you believe how fast time flies.....
8 weeks old now, and what a week!! 
Penny has grown so much, she doesn't like to sleep like she used to. We're starting to call her the energizer bunny
 Her sister on the other hand is a champ when it comes to getting some shut eye.
 However, on the occasion that you do get to actually see that Penny does sleep... we snap a picture. No this was not posed. The girl is just a natural ;) 
 Daddy is one proud papa!! and boy are they turning into daddy's girls!
 With quite the weekend planned for our new little family, we had some fantastic visitors. 
Aunt Rayne came all the way from Shanghai, China. Which I did figure out is 6473.8 miles!!!! She has quite the way with putting the girls in the best disposition. We should have her around every day!! They love her!
 Friday was Alex's graduation from UVU. We were so excited... the girls even got him a little something. Yes this is how they sleep.... no, that's not how we laid them down. They both actually start out vertical in the crib and have a tendency to wiggle. Looks like we'll be needing to set up the second crib sooner than we thought.
 Daddy and his girls!
 Alex graduated from the school of Technology and Computing with an emphasis in Networking Security. Which really means, blah blah to a lot of people but he's so into it it's ridiculous! I'm glad too because then he actually likes going to work and didn't mind homework for the most part. However... 
 It has officially ended!!! NO MORE TEACHERS, NO MORE BOOKS...
I couldn't be more proud of him. He has worked so hard and truly deserves his orange tassel.
 What a dad! Changing diapers in the back of the car after graduation. Thanks Ade and Rayne we couldn't have done it without you!
 We were so fortunate to have Alex's sister Adrienne in town from New York for the big events as well and we loved having everyone to celebrate this big day with Alex. The girls took a bit to feed and get changed after the graduation that we didn't have a chance to snap a pic of his dad and brother's family who came down to support him as well. 
Thank you so much for everyone making sure Alex knew how much he is loved and supported for such an accomplishment.
 We loved having Adrienne in town. Who would be so willing to take on a challenge of two at the same time? Thanks Ade!! They were so content on her shoulders!
 The next day became all about Penny and Charlotte. We were able to do a blessing for them at our house on Saturday which made it so much more convenient with the two of them. We truly appreciated how much family was able to come be with us on this day. Such sacrifice and support we all couldn't have felt any more loved. I know the girls were very grateful too.
Proud mom and dad with our two little miracles!
There is nothing more grand than seeing the men in your life respecting, honoring and using their priesthood. Thank you gentlemen! And honorary Gentleman, Uncle Josh who couldn't be here. We were so grateful.
 Martins. So many came from so far and near. They were such a big help all weekend. We LOVED having our home filled with such fun, love and family. THANK YOU!!!
 Look at those smiles! So grateful for grandparents
 From mothers to grandmothers... they've got the touch! Thanks for putting the girls down for their nap :)
 We had so much fun putting family pics up around our house.
 Uncle Tom, way to get the energizer bunny to fall asleep in your arms!! Thanks for making the trek 6473.8 miles to be with us. Next time, we'd love to see more pics of the chicken man!
 Hugs for Ade!!
 Aunt Jenny made the girls the cutest rattles... so dad decided to put both girls on his lap and play with the rattles. Their first time experiencing a rattle.... and on his lap, together. Looks like he won't be able to do that for much longer. These girls are growing up so fast! Thank you Jen.
 Before their big day, about 6 weeks old, our good friend and photographer Mindy came over and took some pics of the girls. After 4 hours of sweating it out in front of the heater. This is what we have. 
2 Angels we are completely smitten with! Thank you Mindy for capturing this moment for us. Priceless

 Who doesn't just LOVE baby feet
 Sisters have a bond, Twins have a special bond
 Thank you Grandma T for fixing the girls dresses. Who knew an XS would still be HUGE on them. She did a fantastic job you'd never even know!
Truly sent from heaven. We are so blessed.
Penny sleeps!!
 Miss Penny
Penny Jo

Thank you to aunt Tana for the fantastic outfits. I LOVE the 20's and couldn't get enough of these.

This picture completely shows their personalities.

Charlotte Max
 This one was for Alex
 Petite little peanut
 She has ALWAYS got to have her arms up like that. 
Twin talk

I absolutely loved this picture! They are sisters who love each other.
Mama's in heaven
 Alex pointed out the other day that we are the "perfect Disney family" What is that you might ask? well we just happened to see one of those commercials that says, "A family of 4 can get so many nights and days at Disneyland for such and such a price." hahaha yep I guess we are now a Disney family.
 Once again, their personalities shine through
Deliciously loving life right now. Couldn't be happier with my Disney family
 Again, with the feet....
 Interesting how many things in life change. Sometimes we're handed a challenge that we never think we'll overcome, or can't seem to figure out how we'll manage and yet as time has past we look back and can hopefully recognize, "wow, I made it." This experience has renewed my strength and confidence in myself. Who knew these two little ones would make me such a better person in ways I never imagined. And they're only 8 weeks old! I have so much to grow, and I'm glad I'll be doing it with them and their ridiculously amazing dad!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter = 1 Month Old!!

Since my mom was on her last few days staying with us, we took advantage of some extra hands to take an impromptu photoshoot for Easter! Sometimes they "cooperated," sometimes not as much. These were some of our favorites... the other favorites are considered "bloopers" and we love them just as much.

Happy Easter!!

Our girls also turned 4 weeks old this weekend! So in their Easter dresses, we decided to take their one month pics. (each photoshoot was taken on a separate day due to babies waking up) I LOVE these girls, even through all the crying and dirty diapers. Somehow it pulls on your heartstrings even more.
SISTERS are best friends for life
Miss Charlotte as the "little" sister is:
a champ at sleeping through anything, including Penny scream in her face right next to her (if she's really asleep)
The least messy when eating
Most sympathetic with her plea when she's hungry
Beautiful with that amount of hair
a fantastic Listener
Our little frogger
a very strong little girl
great at burping
always stretching to see the world around her
always Smiles, a mile wide and full of gums
she is growing so big!
but not to be outdone by "big" sister Penny who is growing fast to catch up
Miss Penny is:
The best big sister
a champ at eating
Fantastic at getting her meals EVERYWHERE
a noise maker, no matter what she is doing
Our little cuddle bug
great at holding her head up when balancing in her dad's hand
A recipient of her dad's CUTE dimples
a Major grunter
turning out to be an insomniac like her mom
This thing called parenthood is more than I ever could have bargained for and yet somehow I can tell it will be the best thing EVER!! I mean I've already used the phrase "next time" which I wouldn't have dared say even a week ago.  
We love these girls and feel ridiculously blessed to be their parents, they must be pretty awesome to put up with newbie parents like us. Good thing they have a sister to go through this thing called life. They're growing up so fast we can't even believe it!