Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter = 1 Month Old!!

Since my mom was on her last few days staying with us, we took advantage of some extra hands to take an impromptu photoshoot for Easter! Sometimes they "cooperated," sometimes not as much. These were some of our favorites... the other favorites are considered "bloopers" and we love them just as much.

Happy Easter!!

Our girls also turned 4 weeks old this weekend! So in their Easter dresses, we decided to take their one month pics. (each photoshoot was taken on a separate day due to babies waking up) I LOVE these girls, even through all the crying and dirty diapers. Somehow it pulls on your heartstrings even more.
SISTERS are best friends for life
Miss Charlotte as the "little" sister is:
a champ at sleeping through anything, including Penny scream in her face right next to her (if she's really asleep)
The least messy when eating
Most sympathetic with her plea when she's hungry
Beautiful with that amount of hair
a fantastic Listener
Our little frogger
a very strong little girl
great at burping
always stretching to see the world around her
always Smiles, a mile wide and full of gums
she is growing so big!
but not to be outdone by "big" sister Penny who is growing fast to catch up
Miss Penny is:
The best big sister
a champ at eating
Fantastic at getting her meals EVERYWHERE
a noise maker, no matter what she is doing
Our little cuddle bug
great at holding her head up when balancing in her dad's hand
A recipient of her dad's CUTE dimples
a Major grunter
turning out to be an insomniac like her mom
This thing called parenthood is more than I ever could have bargained for and yet somehow I can tell it will be the best thing EVER!! I mean I've already used the phrase "next time" which I wouldn't have dared say even a week ago.  
We love these girls and feel ridiculously blessed to be their parents, they must be pretty awesome to put up with newbie parents like us. Good thing they have a sister to go through this thing called life. They're growing up so fast we can't even believe it!


J n Bee said...

You are such great parents already!
Love the Easter photos! What a way to celebrate. Can't believe they are a month old already!

The Martin Family said...

I love these pictures! So creative and so cute! I am impressed with your photography skills. Hope you had a wonderful Easter! xoxo

Mike, Julie, Alison, Jared and Kate said...

I love the names you decided, and I am always impressed when someone comes up with names that I don't hear at work everyday. I do think Julia and Mckayla would have been a bolder choice. No really I love them. They are beautiful. So much fun. Congrats. Have fun!!!! We would love to see you soon.