Sunday, June 28, 2009

Until We Meet Again

After an amazing birthday party/reunion celebration, Grandpa Randall passed away peacefully in his sleep June 22 at 7:45 am. Emotions have been from one end of the spectrum to the other this week, with the culmination yesterday at the end of a man's life that will live on forever in our memories. Dale Randall left a legacy that can be counted in Air Force missions, Church missions, and posterity, but what cannot be counted is the endless amounts of examples of Christ this man has been. He was a sealer for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for almost 3 decades, and lived for the ability to participate in those special sealing ceremonies. He truly cared for his family and honored what he stood for till the day he died. He was not just a man, but a devoted husband, teacher to his children, example of living life to its fullest to his grandchildren and a Son of our Heavenly Father. He knew what it meant to live a Celestial life, and although he was not perfect, he was pretty close. We will miss him greatly but know that he is in a good place, with Grandma, Keith, and Dean.

The next few pictures are of an amazing group of people called the Patriot Guard. They ride their Harley's and bring their flags to stand "guard" during the services as volunteers to show appreciation and honor. They are supporters of those who have served our country.

My mom's brother Bryce is part of the Patriot Guard, who only attend funeral services if invited by a member of the Guard. He rode his bike from California, which has been painted to represent Grandpa's B-17 he flew in WWII.

We appreciated their honor and respect.

The Guard stood at attention, saluting as the casket was brought out of the chapel.
And led the procession to the cemetery, blocking off roads so that we could all proceed together.
Again, they stand at attention during the funeral.

Air Force tribute

Being a farmer, Grandpa had a love for tractors.
Tyne came all the way from Washington.
We are sealed together as a forever family because of him.

We will live in your honor and everything that you stood for.
Until we meet again.......

To our fathers

Last Sunday was Father's Day and we made our first stop at Dad Martin's. We were so excited to give him this gift. We'd had it for about 2 months and it was finally time.The hat is the gift and it says, "Don't forget my Senior DISCOUNT!" It was so fun to see Jim's face when he opened it and started laughing. He has such a great sense of humor, we knew he'd appreciate it!

Second we went to Dad Hoffmann's where we spent time joking with him about all things shiny, including his head. Which lead to our gift of car washing supplies. We had found these rags that get rid of the streaks on the inside of your car windshield and we loved them so much, we had to share. After DELICIOUS shish kabobs, we made him chocolate cake with chocolate peanut butter frosting. A Hoffmann tradition. Overall it was a great day!!

We love our fathers!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Rock ON

So last week was Grandpa, this week it's Alex's turn. Free time can be spent in so many ways, but if you know Alex, it's either playing some kind of video/computer game or pulling tricks on his skateboard.
This day we were playing guitar hero, by request. If I'm going to play with him it's gotta be something I can get into. Ok so Pinball's pretty cool too ;)

But don't you think we didn't finish off with our traditional song, "Cliffs of Dover." It makes me think of Adrienne every time.

I had to add this picture of both of us, because it made us laugh so hard. Our "rocker" faces made me chuckle and Alex loved my Michael Jackson curl in the middle of my forehead. We totally ROCK!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tribute to a Soldier

Today is my grandpa - Dale P. Randall's 90th birthday!!! We had a celebration with the Randall clan yesterday to hang out with grandma and grandpa Randall's posterity as well as appreciate a man's well lived life. We weren't allowed to light candles in the church, but that's ok it wouldn't have been a good idea with the oxygen tank right there. ;) Grandpa was a good sport about pretending to blow them out.Grandpa Randall was a Major in the United States Air Force, flying a B-17 for 37 missions during WWII. He is a man with incredible honor and integrity, admired by many and an amazing example with tons of love to give to everyone, including the love of his life Maxine, his 8 surviving children and many grandchildren, great and great great grandkids.
Wouldn't you want a piece of his legacy to carry around with you?
We all got the chance to sit around grandpa and hear stories from his life, ask questions about his war experiences and enjoy his humor even at 90. One of my favorite questions asked was, "In all your 90 years, what lifetime advice do you have to give?" With a deep breath, only a moments hesitation and a tear in his eyes he said, "Live the gospel. It will bring you more happiness and joy than anything else."
This came from a man who served 5 missions for his Heavenly Father, one as a young man and 4 with his beloved wife Maxine who he has been without for these last 14 years. He is the true example of a Celestial being.
For everything you have meant to me in my life, I live by your example grandpa. I will love you forever!!! You are my Hero!!

Friday, June 5, 2009


If you haven't noticed that a little movie called Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is coming out, you might live in a cave. If you have, and you know me then I am of course re-reading the 5th and 6th books just to review and catch up with what's happened. I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Good thing too cause it keeps me busy while waiting for Alex to get home from work.

It comes out July 15 and you better believe I'll be there!!

Next time we'll spotlight what Alex does for fun ;) ....