Friday, February 18, 2011

80 degrees and a Sunburn with a smile!

Alex and I have been looking forward to this vacation for quite a while. Much needed and such a great deal, with great friends.
We took off to California with a dream in our hearts and cold weather behind us!
We stayed in Leeds, with Pat and George, for the first night to help break up the drive.
Pat and George are Mandi's grandparents in all sense of the title. They were fantastic hosts and just TOO CUTE!!
They didn't even mind us keeping them awake with our uncontrolable laughter.
Pat and George were so nice to take us in. They felt bad only having Pb&J, however I would like to point out a few things that made this one of the BEST Pb&J's EVER.
Have you ever seen EXTRA crunchy peanut butter, topped off with BUMBLEBERRY jam? It was fantastic!
What a beautiful Southern Utah morning
George was in aw every morning at how the hills lit on fire with the rising sun
We woke up to watching our breath as we tried to figure out why the car wouldn't start and wondering if our vacation was going to be getting a late start.
Thank goodness someone was awake that early to jump start our car.
*Note to other drivers of the Chevy Trail Blazer - DO NOT leave the cooler plugged in all night.
Officially the Happiest Place on Earth.
Let the Memories begin!
Adam once proposed to Mandi at this very fountain on this very Valentine's weekend a few years ago. Once he lost his wedding ring, Mandi knew the perfect way to give him another one.
Make a wish..... He was so surprised!
Did you know you can go up inside the castle now? It had been closed since the 60's or 70's and they've just reopened it.
Who knew it was Aurora's caslte... I always thought it belonged to Cinderella
Adam was really excited about the Peter Pan ride :)
This Toy Story ride turned out to be one of Alex's favorites - it has a video game aspect and he kicked trash on all of it. However, the spinning was not how the likes to play.
Let's take a ride through California
Toy Story seriously is the bomb! No Army pun intended.
She's not an official princess, otherwise she'd be my favorite. Tied with Belle and Ariel for sure!
So glad they added this ride. In all of it's splendor, I sat admiring.
OOH spooky Hold on tight or you might disappear
I love this ride!!
I was trying to concentrate on hold my hands up, like I was told, hence hair in my face. Apparently everyone else knows when these cameras are going to snap a picture, except me.
Just grillin up some hot dogs for dinner. Oh yeah, we brought a microwave too.
One of the best roller coasters. I LOVE it.
We had to wait in line for an hour, with our fast pass tickets in order to see the World of Color show. It was well worth it.
I was so happy to see Sebastian, Little Mermaid has been a favorite for a long time.
This water show was amazing! The things they can do just amaze me.
Fire is such a good way to end a show
Electronica... there are no words. But don't you LOVE Adam's face!!
I found a house/door my size!!!
We were waiting in line for the Alice ride, which broke down twice, and we ended up waiting for an hour. It was our last hour of the night so we didn't really mind.
Plus we got some good ghost stories out of it...Timmy ;)
We FINALLY got to ride the Alice in Wonderland ride!
He actually ASKED ME to drive!! Is that because I know how to drive with steering wheels on the right side? It is British blood that runs through my veins
Our camera was to good for the effect we were going for, but I love her happy smile :)
OF COURSE there's a green cup!
Yay, Adam made it into a picture!
Ironically this ride broke down RIGHT AFTER we got off.
Let me say it just one more time, I don't like water rapid rides.
I did not conquer a fear, but I do not like it to be said I won't try things I hate....
Evidence of the SOAKING wet pants and lack of a smile.
Lego lovers eat your hearts out
Jungle ride is always so funny!
For someone who loves pickles as much as me, this GIANT pickle was heaven at the Happiest Place on Earth
Yo ho, one of the best rides!!
No we're not trying to escape, just see what's on the other side of the wall.
$11 and we got what?.... That's why we brought our own griddle and microwave, to make meals in our hotel room for a mere $1.50 per person.
Every time we went on a ride they'd tell me to make a face for the camera.
I NEVER knew when the camera was coming. This time however I decided to hold my face like this the WHOLE ride, just to make sure ;)
Mandi and I planned breakfast for the boys on Valentine's morning.
Complete with hashbrowns, sausage, and pink, heart shaped waffles. Yeah that's right, we brought a griddle and a waffle iron to our hotel. It ROCKED
He was such a good sport about being woken up to eat breakfast.
For the cereal man, this was an upgrade for sure ;)
Is it possible that you can love someone so much there are not words to express?
Feelings to be shared and moments held in a memory for the things you wish to never forget.
Hold them tight, your memories, your feelings, your time with them. For although tomorrow is another day you will be blessed for having them, never take for granted the precious gift, to love.
It was such a great time and much needed vacation!
Thanks for all the good times!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirates Eye for Me

I woke up Friday morning with something in my eye.....
I actually couldn't even see out if it to find out what was up.
Once I got Alex to finish taking pictures of my "disease" I cleaned it out to find.....
Something I didn't want to see. RED. my whole left eye was just like the inside of a Christmas cinnamon bear. YIKES. At least it wasn't a work day.
I began with a regimen of eye drops and warm packs hoping it was just a little dry. Hmm I seemed to be the only one thinking it was nothing. Alex recommended I wait to go to the Dr. until Saturday, in case it was nothing and went away.
Of course my luck was like the movie "Ground Hog Day." I woke up Saturday and it was the exact same thing again. So.... I waited a few hours before I was once again seriously encouraged to call a Dr. In case it was pink eye and needed to be taken care of.
*Side note* I do NOT like going to the Dr. office when "something is wrong" I know they're going to charge me $25 just to tell me something is wrong and then give me an Rx that costs way too much, and I won't get it anyway. Isn't insurance awesome!

So I made the appointment, sat in the waiting room for 30 min, in the patient room for 5 min, with the assistant who said, "Oh you've got the Stink EYE!" Really? and you're not even the Dr. good thing I had you check me out :(
Sure enough the Dr. poked his head in and said, "ooh nasty looking eye you got there. Looks like pink eye, or some kind of bacteria or virus. Either way it'll run it's course in about 72 hours. But let's just give you this antibiotic you have to put a ribbon of goo on the inside of your eyelid and blink"
*Another side note* I DON'T let anything touch my eyeball. Are you serious? It's hard enough just to get eye drops in. It's drama enough with that.
So I left feeling like I'd just been told everything we researched on WebMD and turned in the Rx at the pharmacy.... Hmm pay $90 for the scrip or wait till Monday morning and I'll be ok.... What do you think?
Wear an eye patch instead of course!
Thanks Ryan and Jenny. It was put to very good use.
Although I did have to miss snowboarding and felt diseased with my Stank Eye for a few days, I am all better now and can FINALLY wear make up to work again.
Yeah, who decided to take our staff picture today of all days without make up :(
Oh well, at least it's Finally February ;)