Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's what we've been up to...

Alex and my brother Jacob work for the same company and wouldn't you know they picked their bonus night in November on the same night as the BYU vs. UofU game. So everyone had to pick a side - hence why we're wearing the t-shirts, and we ate dinner while watching the game at the Salt Palace. The four of us were on a Rock Band team and we .... ROCKED!! It was a fun night and of course Al and I went home holding our heads high :)

The next weekend Alex and Jacob again showed their dedication to their job by participating in a flag football tournament. It was all the way in Ogden and a lot of fun to watch them play.
Little did we know how cold it would be. Mom and dad came to support them too and were thoughtful enough to bring the hot chocolate.
They were so dedicated they had jerseys made with their names, numbers AND America First colors. I was surprised to see Alex play football. I knew he'd played rugby in high school, but I'd actually never seen him play a contact, team sport. It was pretty cool. My hunnie is just so cute.

One of the best things about Alex is how much he makes me laugh....unintentionally :) One night while going to bed, we were laughing so hard when I realized there was something wet on his shoulder..... so I got up and turned on the light to find that he'd drooled while laughing, so much that his shirt was soaked. Which then of course that made us laugh even harder and to this day we still laugh about the time he drooled on his shirt. It wasn't the first and I'm sure it won't be the last.... just keep the laughs coming Al.
So it was December and time to put our tree up. I had one from college and Al had one from our parents that was unfortunately too tall for our apartment. So we went for the little one and put it on boxes. I'm a huge Coca-Cola memorabilia fan so our tree is all white and red with coke ornaments and .... a moose for a tree topper (I also really like moose) It was fun to put our green and blue stockings up and see our apartment all decorated. Of course some rearranging had to be done and furniture pieces put in storage to accomodate our tree but we loved it just the same. One of our favorite things to do is drink hot chocolate at night and sit with just the tree lights on. We really love Christmas and our whole month was filled with our first memories together.
Christmas morning was so fun to have cinnamon rolls together and then open our gifts. Alex was so surprised when I got him the game of Farkel - one of his family favorites. Only to find out that he'd gotten me the same thing only a travel version. (my dice are green of course :) Alex got me a massage chair for my aching back when I come home from work. It is amazing and he was so thoughtful!! This day is also special for us because one year ago Alex and I became engaged, knowing that we would spend the rest of forever together. It is one of the best days of my life and one of the most exciting for years to come, to continue creating memories together.
Alex and I played Farkel the morning after Christmas and I, well I kicked his trash!! This is a game others may know as Six Dice and it is so much fun. I'm not really a risk taker, but I got a few lucky rolls. This one being a straight, worth 1,500 points!! It was so much fun.
But really I just like playing games with him. He's so funny and we laugh way too much. But most of all we still love each other when the game's over! :)
Holidays rock and I hope everyone got to spend as much time with the ones they love that they could. It may be a while till our next blog. Without internet it's far and few between that we get the chance.... and have the time. But we're still here and we love you all.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Take time to enjoy LIFE!!