Sunday, March 25, 2012


Elaina had a fantastic idea to make our own t-shirts for our Hunger Games movie day. She got the idea from a friend to use freezer paper and create our own screen print picture.... what were we getting ourselves into?
 A light box was used to trace our picture onto the freezer paper
 We chose a picture that has significance if you've read the books. (If you haven't, YOU SHOULD)
 We realized this was the most time consuming part, the cutting out of our stencil. Thank goodness for an exacto knife and a ruler
 Laying it all out to figure out which parts to iron on got a little tricky.
 Then you iron on, slick side down
 Ta-DA! Ready to paint.
 We did a few coats.....
 and another...
 After we used a blow dryer to help it, since it was about 2 am already, we peeled off the pieces of paper
We were afraid we'd buried our pieces in all the paint. It was a bit tricky at first, then you get the hang of it. 
 Elaina's t-shirt was slightly stuck to the cardboard underneath.... she'd made sure her coats were very thick. :)
 Voila!!! that's how it turned out. Our very own Sponsor gift t-shirt design!
 It was so much fun and we had such a good time at the movie! I loved it!!
 Later that night Alex and I were lucky enough to be gifted tickets by his parents to see Rain. It was a tribute concert to the Beatles and it was FANTASTIC!! I had to remind myself I wasn't actually watching Paul, Ringo, George and John. THANK YOU!!
Lastly for the weekend, I would like to thank Jim for a fantastic evening, I LOVED the conversation and wish you the HAPPIEST of birthdays!! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

days off

Alex and I have been sick since Sunday.... well technically he was sick for about two weeks, then felt better last Wednesday and was fine until Saturday night.
We had so much fun celebrating his grandpa Peanut's 90th birthday and seeing all of his family, but by Sunday morning when we woke up, we were both not feeling well. Basically slept the ENTIRE day and tried to get up for work on Monday. Alex said he was feeling better, but he's just a tough guy cause he never really got better. As for me, I got worse. The Dr. said it was a viral infection our bodies just have to let run it's course :( I prefer to take a proactive approach. However, there is nothing we can do. By Tuesday my boss asked if he could send me home. I finished out the day and luckily didn't have to go back the rest of the week. Alex has been such a trooper going to work and school, both of us with no sleep. I guess it could be worse... "knock, knock"
Looking on the "brighter" side of things I recently needed a change in my life. I wasn't ready to cut my hair - it took 3 years to get it long again, so I went with changing the color! 
My best friend went to cosmetology school, so I got lucky with someone to help me experiment. 
Yep that's right I put purple highlights throughout the whole thing. My hair didn't want to take the The demi-permanent color, so we went with full on permanent dye. I didn't want anything too "creative" so we stuck with an awesomely dark purple that blends so well with my already dark hair. Makes you take a second look as if you question what you're seeing, if it's really purple or not. I love it!!
This is what happens when your life becomes to routine. I'm excited to see where else I go with this! Alex is so supportive. I told him I was doing it and he said, "cool, let me see a pic when it's done." I love him!! I guess if he gets to grow his out, I can color mine.