Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter = 1 Month Old!!

Since my mom was on her last few days staying with us, we took advantage of some extra hands to take an impromptu photoshoot for Easter! Sometimes they "cooperated," sometimes not as much. These were some of our favorites... the other favorites are considered "bloopers" and we love them just as much.

Happy Easter!!

Our girls also turned 4 weeks old this weekend! So in their Easter dresses, we decided to take their one month pics. (each photoshoot was taken on a separate day due to babies waking up) I LOVE these girls, even through all the crying and dirty diapers. Somehow it pulls on your heartstrings even more.
SISTERS are best friends for life
Miss Charlotte as the "little" sister is:
a champ at sleeping through anything, including Penny scream in her face right next to her (if she's really asleep)
The least messy when eating
Most sympathetic with her plea when she's hungry
Beautiful with that amount of hair
a fantastic Listener
Our little frogger
a very strong little girl
great at burping
always stretching to see the world around her
always Smiles, a mile wide and full of gums
she is growing so big!
but not to be outdone by "big" sister Penny who is growing fast to catch up
Miss Penny is:
The best big sister
a champ at eating
Fantastic at getting her meals EVERYWHERE
a noise maker, no matter what she is doing
Our little cuddle bug
great at holding her head up when balancing in her dad's hand
A recipient of her dad's CUTE dimples
a Major grunter
turning out to be an insomniac like her mom
This thing called parenthood is more than I ever could have bargained for and yet somehow I can tell it will be the best thing EVER!! I mean I've already used the phrase "next time" which I wouldn't have dared say even a week ago.  
We love these girls and feel ridiculously blessed to be their parents, they must be pretty awesome to put up with newbie parents like us. Good thing they have a sister to go through this thing called life. They're growing up so fast we can't even believe it!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Best Babes on the Block!!

Ok, so maybe some things have changed in our life since the last post... which was who even knows! Our lives have been so crazy I can't believe how time has gone by. It was the slowest yet longest 38 weeks of my life... and we were just getting started!
Our babies were scheduled for a 38 week c-section, provided they/I actually made it that far without going into labor. I have a strong dislike for the month of February only because there's just nothing exciting going on, weather's cold and March is just SO MUCH COOLER!! Yes because of St. Patrick's day and I really wanted my girls to be born in March, so I did my best to relax and keep contractions at a minimum until Friday March 1st. 
I woke up at 4:30 in the morning to get ready for this big day. Yes I showered, shaved, did my hair and make up because what's the benefit of having a c-section if you can't plan and prepare for it! I knew I would't be able to do those things for a while after so I made sure I got to that day. We were so excited we didn't care that we only got 4 hours of sleep that night, we were running on adrenaline!
We headed to the hospital, only 5 min. away at 5:30 in the morning and had no idea what to expect next....
 I seriously couldn't believe it was happening the whole time we were getting prepped for surgery.... now that I look at myself, DANG I was huge! 
 Then Alex had to put on his "suit" for the OR.... he was commenting on how big it was... at least his didn't have an opening in the back!
 Little background on my c-section. Both babies were breech, so we always knew towards the end, that it would be a c-section. What we didn't plan on was the fact that my body takes a LONG time apparently to react to anesthetic so after the uncomfortable spinal block, and the initial slice open into my belly, I could still feel the incredible pain. The anesthesiologist asked if I'd like something more but I felt like I'd like to be alert so if it wasn't going to be much longer, I would hold out. HA! My OB leaned over the curtain pulled up in front of us so we couldn't see and said, I've only gone through the first layer. Well all right then, I don't even remember saying, go ahead and give me something more, that's how fast and "forgetable" the medicine was. 
The saddest part about it all was waking up.... very foggy still in the operating room and hearing a noise... what was that noise? A baby cry? why was there a baby crying.... two babies crying.... wasn't I here for my babies? Who was this man standing to the side of me holding a baby? My baby? OH, isn't that my husband? We're here for babies, our babies, that's Alex! and then the realization of what had just happened hit me and the fact that I couldn't remember any of it, I hadn't been a part of it at all, was so sad. It was so hard to wake up but I new I was crying for some reason.... These pics show what happened while I was "sleeping" and I'm so grateful that Alex and the nurses were able to take so many pics (most not pictured here) so that I could somewhat be a part of this miraculous experience. 
Baby B on my legs right after being pulled out.
 Baby A - adjusting to how cold the OR is
 Our Anesthesiologist behind us, Dr. Timmons apologized ahead of time for having to give me the Ketamine because he knew I wouldn't be aware of what was going on, nor would I remember this experience. He was such a nice guy. You can tell I was barely there even as I was waking up.
 Proud new papa in the recovery room
 My parents had the day off work and were there to hold my babes while I was trying to figure out still what was going on. Good thing there's two and they didn't have to share ;)
 Our first family pic.... I didn't even remember this one being taken either. All I wanted (so I'm told) was to hold my babies and see their faces. So they let me kind of hold them with the help of Alex. It was REALLY hard to come out of anesthesia, cause once it does work, it works well!
 Aunt Rachel brought the girls balloons and PINK flowers... she was so excited to see her new nieces and they were excited to see her.
 Changing their first diapers. I never changed a diaper until after we'd been home for a few days. He is the BEST dad and husband. I never expected how he would step up and fill this role so well. He is a natural!
 Introducing Miss Penny Jo Martin at 5lb and 17 inches. She is our little P-nut! 
 This is the family pic I do remember taking. In our mommy room... on some pain meds so I'm still a little loopy but felt much better by this point.
 Aunt Jen and Uncle Ryan came to say hello and see if their prediction was right... sorry no Boston or London this time ;)
 There were some peaceful moments. The nurse in the nursery knitted these beanies for the girls and Alex loved how cute they looked in them... However Penny's head was the only one small enough to wear it.
 Debut of Miss Charlotte Max Martin 5lb 12oz and 18 inches, she was such a big girl compared to Penny... so the nurse stitched her a purple and pink beanie that was just a titch bigger. She's our Sleeping Beauty
 Our little pint sized Penny and her cute hair bows. Our girls were blessed with such great hair. The ultrasounds were right! 

Coming home from the hospital. They're so tiny in their carseats... Penny borrowed Charlotte's beanie and we could definitely tell a difference in their head sizes it was hilarious. Coming home outfits. They're preemie outfits but it was the last time Charlotte wore one. They barely fit her body! And a little tummy time, cause who wouldn't want to see those cute bums!

The next day Alex and I spent the whole time in our room. I think he might have left to get food and that was pretty much it. It was a rough day/night. They all start melting together and we had no idea what we were in for.
My mom came over Tuesday night, after their first full day at home to help give the girls their first bath. Hopefully they start to like these a little more... Way to go Penny and be the big sister to show Charlotte how it's done.
There were moments of sleep... for them at least. I don't remember that day so much. 
This is Charlotte, waiting her turn for a bath.... the beanie was bigger than the pink one, just a little too big for Miss C... or was she just trying to hide from the bath water?
After their first day at home, we traumatized them a little more by taking them in for their first Dr. appt. It might have been more traumatizing for us than them. Goodness how much can they drain from a little prick in their heel?
Look at that daddy, rockin the double stroller!
Our Little Mummies. Alex does such a good swaddle and we LOVE these muslin blankets!!
Photo shoot with aunt Rachel's pink flowers! I'm getting more used to this pink color beginning to dominate our house.
We've had some great faces... Miss C is fantastic at them when she's satisfied.
They made it to ONE week old last Friday and I couldn't believe how the time had flown! Grandma and grandpa gave them bears appropriate for March! I'm excited to see how they grow compared to these bears.
Each girl has such a personality. I love getting to know them change each day.
Miss Penny has just been fed, and Alex was holding her up like a champion... she is literally drowning in this newborn PJ outfit, she's so TINY! Almost back up to her birth weight, Miss P dropped down to about 4 1/2lb when she came home. She seemed so fragile.
Miss C's half smile, just like her dad :)
It has been a crazy adventure we've started. One we never could have imagined would take us to where we are. I cannot believe my babes will be TWO weeks old tomorrow. The time has seriously flown by... and yet seems like it just happened. My girls are learning as well as us how to be this little family of ours and we're so excited to keep rollin on this fun train. My mom has been staying with us for the past week and I COULD NOT have done it without her. I am SO grateful that she will be here another 2 weeks. It's hard enough taking care of a baby with a c-section let alone 2. Alex has been back to work this week and man is he in for an awakening when he has to help take care of these girls during the night this weekend while my mom goes home for a few nights of sleep.
We've loved having them in our home and all the support and love from sisters and friends and family for we are truly blessed in so many ways!
Sorry it's sideways but I love this picture that shows the size difference of the girls. WE LOVE THEM!!!!!