Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It never gets "OLD"

So my dad always starts the year off with a Birthday!! This sweet man is amazing! Hilarious, honest, grateful, and always has his kids best interests in his heart!
He hit the big SIX-ZERO this year and we had a blast reminding him, and everyone else, of it :)
 Did you  know Mr. Potato Head is the same age as my dad?
 He is authentically official. Leather vest = induction in biker gang!
 Alex's birthday was next and can you believe I was finding it hard to be creative in telling him 27 different ways, "Happy Birthday"
 Since we're hoping to own our own house by the end of the year, he got some awesome, MANLY "house tools" Who knew Sears had so many things?!
 Women fill the kitchen, men take care of everything else.
 Not to be forgotten, my husband is the "Gadget Man" I found this awesome gadget called Rock-it. It hooks into your ipod/phone, etc. and then with a little sticky pad the amp magnifies sound through ANYTHING. We had so much fun sticking it to cans, boxes, walls, doors, cabinets, showers, etc.... it is endless. We have speakers wherever we go now. 
 My best surprise was last Saturday. My brother Jacob and I had bought tickets to see Brian Regan for Alex and Elaina's birthdays, except they didn't know. We'd been waiting months for this surprise and it went off perfectly. If only the weather had cooperated. We parked north of the conference center and had to run in the rain/snow to Abravanel Hall. We were soaked by the time we got there. Good sports though. It was so much fun I cried laughing. 
Happy Birthday HUNNIE! So fun to have you join the 27 club!
 So Bee, this is the picture I tried sending you of the ornament I made for Alex, thanks to your sand! All of the ornaments turned out fabulously. Can't wait for our own tree to hang them on :)
 As of today, I have officially finished my rehab after my car accident!! 
I was in a car accident the end of October last year and have been seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist since. But today was my last appointment and the Dr. cleared me to resume "normalcy" 
 These were my x-rays right after the accident. 
My neck is supposed to curve back instead of going straight up, my Atlas bone was pulled out of alignment, beneath my skull as well as vertebrae in my lower back.  
 Again, my neck should curve rounded instead of bending in the middle and going straight toward my skull.
 As a dental professional, I just liked this rare view of all my teeth... what are my bobby pins doing in this shot? ;)
I am happy to report I feel better. Therapy helped and although I won't miss the weekly appointments after work, I will miss the adjustments and massages. 

Alex is in his 3rd week of this semester and I'm lucky if I see him at night before I fall asleep, "we know it will be worth it" but I think we're both excited for this semester to be over already! He's such a hard worker, love my Geek!! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 - The END

December really began at the end of November. My family visited temple square's Christmas lights while my brother Josh and his family were still in town from Virginia
 Alex was sick at home, so we made sure to take pictures of as many beautiful blue Christmas lights as we could, just for him.
 Taking pictures is tricky with lights in the background
 Grant trying to "stamp out" the light.
 Another Favorite part of December was the Dicken's Festival! I'd never been and LOVED all the English tradition.
 Excited to see my niece PorSha dance was an extra bonus.... or perhaps partly the reason we just happened to be there that night? ;) what a coincidence!
 Among the chimney sweeps there were all the ghosts of Scrooge's Christmas, chestnuts roasting over an open fire and FUNNEL CAKES a MUST
 Christmas lights
 Christmas Eve was spent with the Martin's this year. Delish fondue, then Christmas treats.... don't they look like yummy gum drops? How was that dough Ade? 
 Candy cane kisses!
 Couldn't get enough... we tried these later with the remaining dough and used Ande's mints. Alex was in heaven.
 There is something magical about a Christmas tree
 Christmas morning! Ade, Ry & Jen with their family and mom and pops. Breakfast was divine and Taunya was spot on with her character of Christ. 
 We had such a fun morning with laughs....
 and tears. Like the boots mamma T!
 Although Alex specifically asked for no clothes, I told him this year he was getting what I wanted him to have. So he got a new coat and BUCKY BALLS! Ok that was something he'd been begging for for several years, then won at a work Christmas party after I'd already gotten them for him. Still surprised :)
 I couldn't pass up this shirt and a few more like it. Especially when they're for free ;) Thanks Bee! PERFECT
 What is it with mom's crying?..... But us kids managed to do it again. She was so excited about this picture!
 And then Alex's big surprise..... a mini fridge full of Mt. Dew for work. I can't believe how excited he was. Thanks mom and dad. I LOVE Christmas!!
 To finish off the year, we drove out to the west desert and shot off a few rounds.
 Alex was a pretty good shot. I have some lessons to learn from him.
 I broke this skeet... with my foot. But I did actually shoot one down.
 Jim and Kirt
 My favorite pistol
 Thanks for the great day!!! We had a fantastic time.
 Then we rocked out to the Wii as we brought in 2012! 
It has truly been an amazing year and we have been so blessed! We wish you all an amazing 2012 as well