Friday, February 19, 2010

Sweethearts and Yumminess

What is Valentine's Day about?.......Well our Valentine's Day was a lot better than anything "internet access" could give.
Alex surprised me with my FAVORITE SUNFLOWERS! They were so beautiful and they didn't even smell :)

Isn't this flower amazing! I LOVE Sunflowers
I made sticky buns for breakfast. This is the shot before they went into the oven.... taste buds were already excited.
Jacob and Elaina came over to eat breakfast with us that morning. We ate so quickly, I didn't ven get a picture of them out of the oven before they were gone. I LOVE sticky buns.
Valentine's Day happened to fall ont he second Sunday, so we were at my parents for dinner. And sticking to tradition, my sweetheart of a dad got us girls my mom's favorite, carnation flowers and a candy. The boys got a candy bar.
My mom gives us girls Valentine's socks every year. These were mine from a few years ago. They glow from the black light in Alex's car - so I took a picture.
We had a fantastic Day full of love and family. Hopefull you did too!!

This weekend I had the UDA covention, for work, downtown and because it's the 150 year celebration, we got free tickets to the Gala. The event was a comedian - who actually happens to be a patient of ours. I got an extra ticket, so I brought Alex. This guy is HILARIOUS. He does impersionations and does them to the "T," in this picture he's doing Michael Jackson. This was from Alex's phone, we were on the front row. It was a great free date night to finish our Valentine's week!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If it happens....

You know how you have those moments in your life where you think, "I've heard of this happening but I never thought it would happen to me.".... Well I had one of those moments last week..... TWICE.

So as a hygienist, I tell people all the time that if a crown/restoration comes off while I'm cleaning, it was going to come off the next time you floss or eat a peanut. You can see where this is going. I was cleaning a gentleman's teeth last week and his crown right on a front tooth just slid right off!!! In all fairness it had been about 10 years since he'd been in to see us but I kind of panicked. I had Dr. C come over and take a look and cool as can be he said, "Oh that's easy, let's just cement it back on." I immediately calmed down and the guy was SO nice and understandable and lucky for us he was scheduled on the Dr's side after for some restoration work. He got it taken care of right after the cleaning.

My story does not end there, this is where the TWICE thing comes in .... only a few short days later a patient we've never seen before, and it's been about 2 years since his last exam, comes in. I do the whole initial exam, x-rays, and then... the cleaning. Sure enough crown right on the front tooth came right off, I barely touched it. This time I kept my cool, explained to the guy what had happened and reassured him that we'd be able to put it back on today. He was very nice about it too. Both of them said, "At least I'm here and can have it fixed rather than being at home."

I've had fillings come out while cleaning before. But there's something about a missing tooth with a tiny little peg underneath it that makes your heart race a little.

What a week that was. At least now I can say, "Yeah, I've had that happen to me. It's no big deal." ..... I just got really lucky with the two patients that were very nice about the situation. So the lesson learned? GO TO THE DENTIST REGULARLY Cause if your crown's going to come off, at least he can fix it while you're there ;) And be nice to the hygienist, it wasn't her fault.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthdays and Hockey

My best friend's birthday is January 21st, as well as my sister-in-law Elaina, and new nephew Owen. (Which I totally called that name)
As tradition, we went to a hockey game to celebrate with Amanda and it just wouldn't be complete without a chocolate covered chocolate donut from DUNFORD!!!
There were other people to the left, but we couldn't fit everyone in. Elaina's in the background too, in case you can't see her.
HOCKEY rules!!!! It is almost my favorite sport, but only "almost" because I couldn't pick just one favorite. If you don't understand what's so cool about hockey because you've never been to a game.... here's a taste. By the way... that was TOTALLY goal that was unawarded. IF you have slow-motion, you'll see what I mean.

Birthday girl and her BFFAE. If you want to see a really awesome picture of this birthday girl, you'd have to go to my facebook HAHA
Hockey players are known for causing a rukus, this one happened so fast I only got a picutre of the end. Really they just like to give each other a good pat on the back and hug for "good game"
So why this day is so popular we'll never know, but all the people born on this day are very special!! Happy birthday to you all!!