Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How does Ozzy say it? "Going through..."

Alex and I have been blessed.
With blessings, we usually experience some kind of change, for the better or not sometimes.
This time, it is for the better... I think ;)
Alex has said good bye to America First. It was good to us for 3 years, but at this time it is more important for him to be focusing on school. He felt that he'd like to continue working somehow but preferred it be more closely related to IT.
He was in the vicious cycle of, "Experience needed" but if no one hires you, how do you get the experience? Exactly. He knew by the time he graduated he would need that experience.
I know when Alex really wants something to happen because he makes it happen.
He met with the employment advisor at UVU and after revamping his resume attended their job fair. Personally, I don't like to get my hopes up, so I pretended like he wasn't going to get anything out of it.... without saying so much to him of course.
From his contact with the employment advisor, she let him know of an internship through a company called Control4... which no one has ever heard of. He applied as quick as could be and although he'd gotten an interview with a company in Orem, from his contact at the job fair, he would have preferred the Control4 job in Draper. So we prayed, fasted and had faith. We are believers in "meant to be" and so we waited for what was meant to be....Sometimes we forget that we have to make decisions, it doesn't always fall into place.
So when we heard from Control4 that they wanted an interview we were excited, to say the least, but when he got offered the job in Orem, on the spot, we had to actively make a decision..... Alex's faith told him not to take the job in Orem. The next day, he was offered the job at Control4.
This company fits Alex to the T. He comes home talking about work, working on work... makes me wonder if he's doing enough studying as well ;)
We couldn't have been more excited about this job. He LOVES going to work every day now. I couldn't be more proud of him. He works so hard. I have been that full time student working full time and I know how hard that was. Then he comes home and has to please a wife. That man is truly Amazing!!
I know that the Lord has blessed us and continues to bless us on a daily basis.
Thank you to family and friends for all of your support and understanding while we finish this journey called school. It takes so much time and that has put some other things in our life on hold for a while. Or so WE thought. That was according to our plan anyway. We keep trying to remind ourselves to live His plan instead. Cause it really is working out well.
Thank you for this Change!!

I'm definitely not as in depth at explaining about it as Alex, so if you'd like to find out more: