Sunday, July 19, 2009

365 and Counting!

Alex and I celebrated our FIRST anniversary last Friday by going to the Zoo. We hadn't been for about 2 years and Jacob and Elaina asked if we'd like to go with them. They have the new Madagascar exhibit and Alex really liked this flower. We also had to take a picture of him with the Peccary - it's from Paraguay.

My sweetheart
I really like giraffes, and this one had an unquenchable thirst. It was amazing to watch them drink because you could follow the path of the water, as they swallowed, all the way down the esophagus.
When we saw this animal I couldn't help but take a picture. It explains so much about Hoffmanns.... mostly Marlin Hoffmanns ;)

Turtle, turtle
hmmmm..... kind of close....
It was hot, and we wore poor Alex right out. Awwww They kind of look alike right?
We went to dinner at Olive Garden and shared the 5 cheese ziti - SO GOOD!! And of course the alfredo bowl
Apparently I DO MEASURE UP!!! :)
We finished off the evening with the movie UP - it was pretty funny.
The next day we had planned to go camping for the weekend with all our stuff we'd received from our wedding. Since we'd never used it, we wanted to try setting it up. When we set it up, we realized how amazing it is and sad that we hadn't used it before. THANK YOU Dad Martin!!
Believe it or not, Alex is a master chef ... around a campfire.... kind of ;) Dinner was DELISH
I'm actually not a marshmallow fan, but you've gotta have at least one s'more at a campfire. My real favorite is roasted Starbursts... soooo good.
My first mallow ended up charred and in the fire, so we had to capture the successful 2nd and final try.
Of course Alex finishing up the night with a Mt. Dew. He worked so hard that day and it was hot.
I tried standing in the smoke of the fire to avoid being bitten, we forgot the bug repellent. Wouldn't you know it didn't help at all. I went home with 11 mosquito bites. They must like my blood.
Overall it was a very successful first anniversary. We kept calling it our honeymoon on accident, but that's kind of what it feels like, even 365 days later. I love my hunnie and am so grateful that we have eternity to figure out all the kinks and have as much fun as possible, in the process. LOVE YOU!!