Friday, March 20, 2009


Alex had an unprecedented Friday off last week because of a meeting he had during the week, so we decided to shoot it up in the nice weather. Dad Martin took us to a shooting range. It's been a while since I've been target shooting, and we both had a really good time.

We shot a 9 mil, 357 magnum, 22 pistol and another. It got pretty cold as we were there for a few hours and our hands started to freeze up.
But not without getting some good rounds off. The first target is mine, the second two are Alex's. He's a pretty good shot.
The guns were heavy for me except the 9 mil, but Alex handled them all very well, like a pro.
It was a fun afternoon. We stopped at Five Guys after for a hamburger and fries and we all agreed we've found a new favorite place. It was so good :) Thanks Dad Martin!!!
Saturday was the first "Girls Breakfast" which includes the Hoffmann girls, without sister Brooke, getting together Saturday morning (of course not too early ;) for breakfast once a month, to catch up on all that's going on in our busy lives. Elaina and I had gone for a run before breakfast... that explains the cute hair-dos. It was a beautiful morning and felt so good.

I love Ihop - and those crepes with lingnonberries were surprisingly delicious!!! Thanks for finding the coupons mom!! Wonder where we'll end up next month?...

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I feel I must correct an earlier blog. I am not running a 5k marathon (shows you how fresh I am at this) I have learned that it is called a "race." I will run a 5k or 3 mile RACE in May, races are 5k and 10k, above that it is called a half or full marathon aka 13-26.1 miles. I don't know if I'll ever get up there with a knee like mine, but I'll take one race at a time. I'm learning and with that comes lingo. Sorry for any previous confusion but I appreciate all the support nonetheless. :)